CJ60 #99: Seth's Hot Pokemon Pimp Party

Rage from the Stars chapter 10: In this episode Seth drops a major bombshell in the form of some really bad news, Tony makes up several pathetic excuses for not being able to record the podcast recently and Matt has got a major kink for pregnant women who smoke. Then the guys try to tackle that age old question: which Pokemon would you like to have sex with? Oh and let's not forget our fanfiction which a bonus episode this week although 'bonus' does sound like it's going to be something good, but it's not, believe us.

CJ60 #98: I Want To Stick My Half Penny In Your Thruppence

Rage from the Stars chapter 9: Seth dreams he's a schizophrenic, Tony hates passwords and Matt is confused by old and new British money. There's also talk about E3 but that all fades into complete and utter insignificance when this week's chapter of the My Little Pony fanfiction begins and the bullets and body parts start flying. We hope you have a strong stomach.

CJ60 #97: The Royal Family Inbreeding Special

Rage from the Stars chapter 7-8: Seth doesn't get sick at the latest furry convention despite rocking the 'construct your own death' seafood buffet, Matt is really interested in the British royal family even though he says he's not while Tony only wants to apologize to Piff the Magic Dragon and Francis the Squire but manages to make things much worse. And then it's on to this weeks fanfiction which is just a whole load of pony sex. Don't say we didn't warn you.

CJ60 #96: Piff The Magic Dragon Made Me Puke On My Lawn

Rage from the Stars chapter 6: Tony bitches about Piff and Francis the Squire giving him bad advice, Seth and Matt bitch about how crap Ready Player One is and then they all bitch about how aluminium / aluminum is spelt and pronounced. Boy, there's certainly a lot of bitching going on in this episode. But then there's the fanfiction and geez, is this chapter one hell of a macho wet dream followed by some serious bestiality - well that's the way Matt, Seth and Tony interpret it. You might see it differently but if you do, you're wrong.

CJ60 #95: You're Not Even a Good Rapist

Rage from the Stars chapter 5: Welcome to our Easter special - kind of. Well the guys do start to talk about Easter eggs / Easter candy but soon get derailed and argue about different named foods in the UK and US. Flapjacks and pancakes? Biscuits? Welsh faggots? Oh yes, and then there's the beautiful, touching and all round pointless My Little Pony fanfiction - hyperbolic or total bollocks? You be the judge.

CJ60 #94: Tickled By The Brief Super Smashing Great History of Stephen's Wheelchair

Rage from the Stars chapter 3-4: Matt talks about last week's Weird Al / Emo Philips gig, Tony reminds everyone that Ken Dodd and Jim Bowen have also died this week and Seth believes Hitler's dog had some really good ideas. The guys also talk about Toys R Us, orgasms curing illness, sneezing, daylight saving and cyanide pills in peanut butter before getting onto the main event: the armed-to-the-teeth, incredibly macho and completely dumb My Little Pony fanfiction.

CJ60 #92: Every Day Is Pancake Tuesday In America

Rage from the Stars chapter 1: It's the #CJ60 Pancake Day / Valentine's Day Special so the guys share their thoughts about these two special days. Well they would if Seth and Matt knew what the hell Pancake Day was and as for Valentine's Day, don't get Tony started on that pathetic BS Hallmark holiday. But don't worry because we have some sparkly new fanfiction in the equine form of My Little Pony and we've quite possibly found a replacement for the much missed Eric - please welcome the amazingly cool Raiden Doiron A.K.A. Raygen Brady.

CJ60 #91: We're Preaching Caffeine, Motherflippers!

Days of Future Past Rick chapter 2: Tony tries not to swear which lasts a whole 13 seconds, Matt's butt is sore because of cheap toilet paper and Seth's stressed out because of his porn deadlines. But none of that is important because we're all really here for the awful, awful fanfiction and boy, is it awful this week? The answer to that is yes, yes it is. We apologize in advance.

CJ60 #90: Then F*ck Me And My Words

Days of Future Past Rick chapter 1: The guys are back for the first episode of 2018 and with them they bring the gift of terrible fan fiction in the form of Rick & Morty. But before all that audio torture, the guys talks about New Year's resolutions, Disney buying NASA, fat superheroes, Orlando, Friends, space sickness, Black Mirror, Dirk Gently, Boy Meets World and Tiny Toons.

CJ60 #89: Bend Over and I'll Show You

Christmas Vacation chapter 1-2: The guys talk about the new Star Wars movie, visits to the dentist, morphine, vacationing to the Chicago furry convention and Seth's new job which ticks all the boxes - he's doing graphic design (tick) on a porn (tick) video game (tick). Matt and Tony are way jealous. And talking of vacations, graphic, jobs, porn and jealousy, we have a festive piece of fanfiction which is going to ruin a much loved xmas movie forever - you won't be able to look at Clark, Ellen and Russ the same way after this one. Thankfully Audrey manages to escape pretty much unscathed from this disturbing filth. Merry Christmas. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.

CJ60 #88: Taking a Drive Up Butt Hole Road

It's just Matt and Tony this episode so they decide to scrap fanfiction this week and talk about porn actors, gay for pay, meth, South Park, public toilets and funny road names but it's only a matter of time before the subject turns to Xmas, Xmas and more Xmas. Jesus, this is like an episode of Dark Festive Delights...come back Seth and Ace, all is forgiven!!

CJ60 #87: Sports, God and Broken Bones

No Escape chapter 14-15: Tony discovers sport and god, Seth discovers big fat cigars and Matt discovers the need to apologize to Jacob the Audio Guy every episode. Yes we're back and we're talking about giant crazy golf, Robin Williams, South Park, London bridge, cursed t-shirts and bone breakages amongst other random things. And don't forget about our very sexy Harry Potter fanfiction that ends once again with no penetration whatsoever...oh yes, spoiler alert.

CJ60 #86: Kiss Me On My Scar, Baby!

No Escape chapter 10-13: The guys talk about what cartoon world they'd like to live in and why. Seems like kids cartoons are way better than the real world although Seth just wants to nail a load of Pokémon while Tony hopes Donald never finds out about the things he wants to do to Daisy Duck. Then it's onto our homo-erotic Harry Potter fanfiction which so far has just been 13 chapters of foreplay...that Lord Voldemort is such a sexy tease.

CJ60 #85: Even The Straight Ones Are Gay

No Escape chapter 5-9: The guys chat about the McDonald's Mulan Szechuan dipping sauce fiasco, gays fist fighting girls, Ben Affleck never seeing a vagina, Seth MacFarlane's tales of sexual harassments, Michael Jackson's real voice, the new Star Wars trailer and the remake of A Christmas Story. Then it's onto another handful of chapters of our homo-erotic Harry Potter fan fiction and things very slowly heat up. Wand is slang for penis right? And did we mention we have the best listeners? No, well we have the best listeners.

CJ60 #84: Offensive to Limeys and Yanks Alike

No Escape chapter 1-4: There's lots of bad English accents and one really, really bad American accent this week as the guys embark on some new fan fiction - oh yes, they're reading some dodgy, homo-erotic Harry Potter shit. But before all that frivolity, they talk about Xmas overshadowing Halloween, Inktober for out-of-work artists, lemonade, the agony of man flu, shaving our balls for Movember, hot buttered rum and should you drink your eggnog hot or not.

CJ60 #83: The Belated Jimmy Fallon Birthday Special

Tawog the Risen Dead chapter 12-13: This weeks episode is maggoty with all things 'It' related to the point where Ace spends the entire time trying to find erotic 'It' fan fiction when he should really be concentrating on the current Gumball fan fiction. Then again, the current Gumball fan fiction is really all about the current wardrobe of all the characters and fuck, there are a shit ton of characters to the point that the other guys completely lose track and lose interest of the whole thing anyway. We blame Stranger Things and The Goonies for everything.

CJ60 #82: This Doesn't Feel Long Enough to Me

Tawog the Risen Dead chapter 12: The guys talk heartbreak and the times that Iron Maiden, Iron Man 3, Alice Cooper and Frankenweenie severely let them down. There's also natter about Seth's new bar, LGBT lights, Ace's anti-masturbation device, and Ace and Matt give us their 1 word reviews of the movie. And talking of potentially good, we then get onto our latest fan fiction, failing miserably to get through one chapter and discovering that Tony cannot pronounce the word "pizzeria". Oh, and them people on the internet are dicks by the way.

CJ60 #81: I Can't Just Leave You Here, You Ass Raptor!

Tawog the Risen Dead chapter 10-11: The guys imagine what it would be like to create their own country: Matt is all about drugs and gay marriage, Tony's is holidays and no marriage, Ace doesn't really care and it's probably best to quickly gloss over Seth's dream of a new fatherland. The cheeky chaps also talk about possibly dead female wrestlers, Happy Gilmore basically being child porn, the new Gary Glitter reality show "Oh Gary", social justice warriors and how #CJ60 was just created as a form of therapy for Seth. Then it's onto our amazingly anti-climatic fan fiction. You're welcome.

CJ60 #80: Maybe It Really Is All Cocks in the End

Tawog the Risen Dead chapter 8-9: Ace is back...or is he? Seth thinks Ace is an imposter replaced by our lizard overlords which is a much better conspiracy theory than Tony's - Ice Cream Social kidnapping? Yeah, like Matt, Paul and Jacob would do such a thing, they're just pussycats...or are they? Anyhoo, there's also talk of Maskimals, the new It movie, Tobe Hooper, the Game of Thrones South Park reference and how everyone now hates Gumball after that social justice joke. And talking of how everyone hates Gumball, we read another 2 chapters of our Gumball fan fiction...SALT PORK!!