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Suicide Squad and Teen Titans Re-Launch

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By Dave Clark

It was previously announced by DC that both Suicide Squad and Teen Titans current incarnations would end with this month's issue 30 for both. But it sounds as though they won't be gone for long. According to DC both will return this summer with brand new #1's and will feature a roster change for both teams.


Teen Titans was last seen with Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Bunker, Superboy, and Solstice with Raven and Beast Boy jumping on board towards the end of the run. For this new run we'll see Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Bunker, Beast Boy, and Raven. More of a nod to the Teen Titans cartoon from a few years ago, sans Cyborg of course. The creative team behind Titans will be writer Will Pfeifer (Catwoman, Aquaman) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood & The Outlaws, Superman). Pfiefer said in an interview with Newsarama "something is in the works to possibly expand the cast with a member of the Superman and/or the Flash family." So Superboy and KF fans should stay tuned!

Credit: newsarama.com

As for the Suicide Squad, it sounds like things could get darker for this villain based team. The roster will include Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Black Manta, Joker's Daughter, and Deathstroke. Of course, Amanda Waller will still "lead" this group of incarcerated bad guys, forced to carry out secret missions for ARGUS. Writer Sean Ryan and artist Jeremy Roberts will helm this book as it re-launches in July.

Credit: DC Comics


I was pretty bummed to hear that they were canceling Teen Titans, but I figured it would return eventually. I didn't think it would be this soon, however, and cannot wait to see both books on my stack this summer.


What do you guys think? Like the changes? Who would you have on each roster in an ideal world? Leave your comments below!

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