Ongoing: Grayson #1

Ongoing: Grayson #1

By: Dave Clark

From a very early age, I was fascinated with the Robin character in the Batman universe. Not just with the comics, but with the '66 television series, the animated series, and continuing on into Teen Titans and Nightwing. He eventually would break away from Batman to be his own hero. He recognized that he would forever be in Bruce's shadow so he left Gotham and became a vision of hope for a new city that needed a savior.

Flash forward to the New 52 and I was enthralled in Kyle Higgins' vision of Nightwing. When you read the text you could really feel that this man loved the character. I was bummed when his run came to an end and it seemed DC was again deciding to kill off Dick Grayson. But then a new book was announced, titled simply 'Grayson.' The story was by Tom King and Tim Seeley and the new artist would be Mikel Janin. I read the first issue this week...and a calming sense of relief filled me as I know Dick Grayson was is in good, capable hands.

The first issue just throws you into the action. The ending of Nightwing issue thirty, helped thrust you into this new world for Dick. Bruce had a new mission for his former side-kick and it seems as though he's fitting in quite well. His first mission for secret spy agency Spyral seems Dick donning a blonde wig and riding the he boarded the train was rather exciting. The beginning seemed like it was an opening for a 'Mission: Impossible' film or an episode of 'Alias' and it had me hooked for the entire issue.

I'm not going to dig into the plot as I'd like you all to read it for yourselves and let me know what you thought. I loved the story. I loved how well Grayson was written. His sharp wit, intelligence, and charm shone through brightly. There were a few great surprises and reveals, especially in the finally frame, setting up a great arc and storyline for this series. To sum up, the writing was exceptional and I cannot wait to see what Seeley and King bring to the table next.

The artwork was amazing. The way Janin was able to show us Dick's extraordinary acrobatics and athleticism and fighting skills were brilliantly captured on the page. Every character, every landscape, every frame is done with great detail and care. Showing the effects of the Hypno Implant, the action scenes, really all the art blew me away. I was extremely happy with how beautiful this book looked.

Grayson won't be for everyone. It's not your typical superhero comic book. This is a different side of the DC universe with a very familiar and lovable character in the lead. I think this direction for Dick Grayson will help elevate him into the spotlight he rightly deserves. For all Robin/Nightwing/Grayson fans, this book will be enjoyed. I highly reccommend it to EVERYONE to give it a shot.

For those that read it, what'd you think? Are you as high on this book as I am? Are you adding it to your weekly pull list? Are you tired of how DC is changing all of our favorite characters? Let us know what you thought in the comments below or on twitter @AtomicGeekdom!

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