Iceman Changes

Marvel Makes Big Change to An Original X-Man

By: Dave Clark

WARNING: This post contains Spoilers about events in the current run of All-New X-Men, as well as the issue being released this week.

In this current run of the All-New X-Men, we see the original class of X-Men, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Jean Grey, and Iceman, brought from the past and into the present time by present day Beast. He brought them here in hopes of preventing the damage that the current Cyclops has been creating (he recently murdered Charles Xavier while under the influence of the Phoenix Force) for mutant/human relations. Now, Jean is currently learning the amount of power she possesses and is trying to harness her abilities. In the effort of getting control of her powers, she has on occasion, read her friends' minds. In this month's issue All-New X-Men #40, we get a reveal that while she accidentally read Iceman's mind. After Magik teleports from the group, Bobby makes a comment about her "hotness" and this prompts Jean to comment about how she knows he's gay. He denies it at first but she explains that she's a psychic and she read his mind.

This is all being leaked by several sites, The Advocate, being the one I'm referencing from (they have images of the panels if you wish to read them). I'm very much against leaking things, and giving away spoilers, but this is a fairly big issue topic that I felt needed to be discussed. They go on to say that the present day Iceman is not gay, but that somehow the past version of Iceman is gay. I'll wait to see how it plays out when I buy the issue tomorrow, but what do you guys think of this change? Sound off below!

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