Geekly Book Review V4

The Geekly Book Review - Vol 4: Outcast

By: Jenny Robinson

For a gal with not a lot of spare time, I still manage to read a fair amount. I am known to always have a printed book, audiobook, comic book or magazine rolling at all times (usually more than just one). So I want to share with you the stuff I am currently absorbed in. Some will be new releases, other will be ones I am finally getting too. I hope you enjoy, and in turn hook me up with some fresh suggestions that I can tackle next week.

OUTCAST #10 - A Weakness Exposed

What better time to write a review on the Outcast comic than now? The trailer for the new Cinemax show was released at SDCC and issue 10 hit the shelves. Before I dive into issue 10, let me tell you how excited I am for the Cinemax show next year! The cast (in my honest opinion) is dead on! The color and feel of the few released scenes look like the comic has come to life. I have high expectations that Skybound and Cinemax have yet to disappoint.

So, issue 10…

The story has progressed with more questions than answers. Kyle is such a tormented character that I find myself aching for him to catch a break. Every issue I anxiously await some hint of what is actually going on. Well crap...I didn’t get get any of those satisfactions this issue.

This new chapter is emotionally rough yet totally awesome.

We have been slowly introduced to Kyle’s back story over the comics so far. We see glimpses of his “possession” and the result of actions while taken. We also learn the horrifying reason why he is not allowed around his true love Allison and daughter. This issue jumped right in and pulled at the heart strings with this storyline.

In issue 9, Kyle and the reverend approached a girl under the influence of what ever the heck is making the people crazy evil. Their help seemed to release her yet also comatose her. This installment starts with the guilt that came along with that event and the question - Are they helping or hurting these victims?

The biggest tear jerker is when Kyle goes to spy on his daughter and is confronted by Allison. The writing of those cells are top notch. My soul hurt after reading them. I really want SOMETHING - ANYTHING right and good to happen to poor Kyle.

To top it off, it ends with a pretty big cliff hanger. Issue 11 hits the stands July 29th. 

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