Secret Empire Teaser

Secret Empire United We Stand Trailer

By: Dave Clark

It's been building for some time now. Amidst the controversy that was the reveal of Steve Rogers (Captain America) being an agent of Hydra, the story began. Secret Empire is a story told across several Marvel titles but culminating in this new series. Here's a teaser trailer for the series along with some comments from writer Nick Spencer:

The plot is described as follows:

As Hydra’s tentacles tighten around the world, Steve Rogers’ seemingly full proof plan for global domination begins. Can the heroes of the Marvel Universe find the cracks within the foundation of Hydra’s control or will they ultimately succumb to the power of one of their most trusted allies?

There's a lot of things happening in this series, least of all is Cap being in charge of Hydra and holding Thor's hammer! Secret Empire #0 and Secret Empire #1 are both available now!

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