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Revival Teaser!

Revival Teaser and Announcement!

While attending C2E2 this past weekend I was fortunate to run into so many great creative minds. One such mind was Tim Seeley. He created the book Hack/Slash, and more recently he's been writing for DC Comics with the Nightwing series. He also co-created a book with Battlepug creator Mike Norton titled Revival. He was doing a lot of artwork while at the con so he didn't have much time to talk to us in an interview (however, stay tuned to future episodes of the podcast). But he passed along a card that gave the details of an exclusive surprise Post-Mortem Panel on Sunday in which he debuted the following footage:

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What Wally Means To Me

What the Return of Wally West Means to Me

I have no idea at what point in my life I was introduced to The Flash. I don’t how old I was, if it was from a comic, a show, a conversation or even which Flash I knew about first. Best guess, it was a passing glance of the ‘90s TV show on CBS starring John Wesley Shipp. And whatever it was, however I found out about him, the character consumed me. Suddenly I ate, slept, breathed and farted The Flash and super speed. I would argue to death that there’s no way a lame-o hero like Superman could beat The Flash in a race…The Flash’s whole power set is speed! I don’t think I picked up a comic until I was in my late teens but when I did, I started with The Flash. And the only Flash I had ever known was Wally West.

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Batgirl #41

Judging A Book By It's Cover

We live in a world where we must be very careful of what we say and who we say it towards. We have to be ever careful of offending every single person who may read our work, see our images, or watch our films. We must be sensitive to everything and everyone. So I’m not surprised to hear that the cover of a comic book has struck a nerve with so many people. The upcoming variant cover to Batgirl issue forty-one shows an image many Batfans will recognize. It’s a callback to the extremely seminal and important book The Killing Joke. It’s in this book that The Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon in front of her father, Commission James Gordon. For a very long time after this incident Barbara was confined to a wheelchair and operated as a hero under the name Oracle.

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New DC Books/Creative

DC Launching New Books With New Creative Teams

Beginning June 3rd DC Comics is going to do away with the New 52 moniker and start a few new books. There will be a vast number of ongoing books that will remain, but we're going to get some interesting new titles as well.

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Ongoing: Grayson #1

Ongoing: Grayson #1

From a very early age, I was fascinated with the Robin character in the Batman universe. Not just with the comics, but with the '66 television series, the animated series, and continuing on into Teen Titans and Nightwing. He eventually would break away from Batman to be his own hero. He recognized that he would forever be in Bruce's shadow so he left Gotham and became a vision of hope for a new city that needed a savior.

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Women in Comics

Characterization of Women in Comics

The topic came up a few weeks ago on Twitter with a few people. Its an ongoing concern for ladies that are fans of comic books, and just women in general. The question is are women being exploited with their characterizations in comic books. Think for a moment about the women you see in the pages of your favorite books. How do they look? How are they dressed? How realistic do they appear? Should they appear realistic?

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The New Wally West

Changes to Our Heroes: The Wally West Effect

A few years ago DC decided to reboot all of their titles. It was a bold move and it did increase sales. It also increased my interest in a lot of books. Along the way they made some big changes, and continue to make changes to this day. They're taking the past and making it new again. Some of us seem to take offense to this. It's a lot like when a movie studio remakes a classic film. The internet is all a flutter with rage and hate when a reboot or remake hits the theaters and besmirches your favorite film's good name. But does it really hurt the classic film?

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Flash Giveaway

Superhero Sunday: Flash Comic Giveaway!

**Update** Contest has ENDED! Congrats to our winner and stay tuned for more giveaways!

In the spirit of Superhero Sundays, we will be giving away a digital issue of DC Comics New 52 The Flash Issue #1! We're super excited about the upcoming Flash TV Series starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, and wanted to give fans the opportunity to somewhat familiarize themselves with Barry from the comics before the TV Show begins airing. 

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My Comic Book Biography

As we’ve just started this site, I thought it might be a good idea to give you guys some insight into how my Comic Book Geekdom all started. Once I’ve finished rambling coherently (I hope), the plan is for you all to share some of these things as well and we can begin our Atomic Geekdom Community. This place is designed for you all to give your opinions on everything we talk about.

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