Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond Short

Much like Bruce Timm's animated short, Darwyn Cooke has gotten in on the fun with his Batman Beyond short celebrating Batman's 75th Anniversary. Kevin Conroy reprises his historic run as Bruce Wayne while Will Friedle returns to voice Terry McGuiness. The cartoon series, Batman Beyond, ran from 1999-2001 and even made an appearance in the Justice League animated series.

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Intro to Side-kicking: Robin 101

Over the years and many, many issues of Batman comic books, there have been quite a few young men (and even women) to call themselves Robin. Some are well known to the general Batman loving public, while others are unknown to the casual fan. When asking a friend if she knew who the second Robin was, she stated “there’s more than one?” And that’s coming from someone who’s fairly geeky in her own right. So today I thought I’d go through the roster of people who have fought beside Batman as Robin and talk about how they got to be in that position.

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My Comic Book Biography

As we’ve just started this site, I thought it might be a good idea to give you guys some insight into how my Comic Book Geekdom all started. Once I’ve finished rambling coherently (I hope), the plan is for you all to share some of these things as well and we can begin our Atomic Geekdom Community. This place is designed for you all to give your opinions on everything we talk about.

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