LA Haunted Hayride 2018

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride


This was my first time doing the Haunted Hayride. It has been on my list for years now since it screams Los Angeles. A haunt deep in Griffith Park at the old zoo, that alone is the makings of something great. 

What I really enjoyed about this one was the community feel. It is much mellower than some of the other haunts, but I think that is what gives it some charm. Kids and adults alike can enjoy and be scared without any lasting trauma (but some keeping with some good jump scares). The kids we encountered were excited, parents were wide-eyed, and everyone having a blast. They do such a great job with costumes and set design, that gives it chemistry unlike any other. Piled in the back of a tractor full of hay, we round the trail with something new at every turn. The actors are what really bring this to life. From zombie rock stars to killer bikers, each embraced their rolls and had the spectators closest to the edge of the cart shrieking with terror and delight. I sat in the center and had an absolute blast watching everyone trying to avoid the ghouls as they lean in.

There are a few mazes to partake in as well. The “Trick or Treat” maze was a more safe for the younger crowds. Each door you approach had some new character to make you jump and interact with. On the opposite side of the spectrum was the “House of Shadows” maze. I will warn anyone with light sensitivity issues to maybe avoid. It took me a good half hour to get my head refocused when done. Noise, strobe lights, dead ends and mischievous characters leading you astray, by the end I felt the walls were moving on me. So in summary it gives you anxiety, which is what an intense maze should. 

Take a ride through the woods of L.A. and enjoy being scared within nature.

Article by: Jenny Robinson / Video by: Patrick Nagy / Photos by: Scott Feinblatt

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ScareLA 2018

ScareLA 2018!

We were lucky enough to attend ScareLA for the second year and a row and had an absolute blast. As avid fans of the horror genre and just spooky stuff all around, there was an endless amount of awesome things to see (…and buy if you have the cash). Here’s a look at some of the things you might have missed out on if you weren’t able to attend!

(Filmed: Patrick Nagy & Jenny Robinson-Nagy / Edited: Patrick Nagy)

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Best of 2017

According to Atomic Geekdom: Best of 2017!

The year is over and we're already moving on to 2018, but before we begin to forget about the year that was, a few of us here at Atomic Geekdom decided to live in the past for this article. Here's our choices for the best of 2017 in Film, TV, Books, Music, and more!

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SDCC 2017 Day 3

SDCC Day 3 Wrap-Up

Another Comic-Con day and more Comic-Con news! And boy what a day. There are a fair amount of trailers to post so I'll try not to blather on too much.

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SDCC 2017 Days 1 & 2

SDCC Day 1 & 2 Wrap-Up

So much takes place during San Diego Comic-Con that we may miss a few things. Here's just a sampling of the things we found out during the first two days of SDCC 2017!

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RIP Adam West

My First Batman: Saying Goodbye to Adam West

I have loved Batman my whole life. There are pictures of me as a small child dressed in Batman PJs, I played with tons of Batman toys. As an adult, I have a bat-symbol on my wedding ring and frequently wear Batman t-shirts. My love of the character is a defining characteristic, something anyone who knows me will list in a "top ten facts about Matt" list. And all that started with Adam West.

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Thoughts on Wonder Woman

Thoughts On Wonder Woman And The Impact It Had On Me

No, this is not a review. I don’t know what it is, honestly. I just can’t get the movie out of my head and I need to write about it. I have been apprehensive about Wonder Woman for many reasons. My disappointment in the previous films films. The lack of consideration put into the characters of Superman and Batman (the flagship DC heroes). Not to mention the bleak world these characters have inhabited. The films have been placed in the wrong hands. And I mean hands plural because there are so many of them trying to shape these films and all with different ideas/agendas that clash far too often. So I feel justified in admitting my trepidation.

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WhedonCon 2017 Preview

WhedonCon 2017 is Here!

Frequent visitors to the site or the podcast know that most of us here are HUGE Joss Whedon fans. Personally, I've been on the Whedon Fan Train since Buffy the Vampire's pilot episode. Something about the way he molds and develops stories and characters just captivates me. He has this way that few writers do, about making you love a character so much and then ripping your heart out when he kills them brutally. It's great! This year in we're fortunate enough to be able to cover WhedonCon!

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WonderCon 2017

WonderCon 2017!

WonderCon happened and we were there! Check out our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the post and our video of the con just below these floating words! DO IT!

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HVFF Chicago 2017

Heroes & Villains FanFest Chicago 2017!

Heroes and Villains is a convention that celebrates the comic book genre in film, television and in the comics. Meanwhile, Walker Stalker Con is a convention that celebrates the zombie genre, notably The Walking Dead. This year in Chicago the cons mashed up in a glorious team-up effort to combine stars from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead! Check out our video below and the photo gallery just below that!

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LBCE 2017

Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

Convention season is upon us and the coverage here at Atomic Geekdom is coming in fast and furious. Long Beach Comic Expo came and went with Justin, Jenny, and Patrick filming the entire event! Check out our video below and the photo gallery below that and if you're in our footage, let us know! @AtomicGeedom on Twitter and Instagram!

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Lady-Hero Here To Stay

The Lady-Hero is Here To Stay

When it was announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would feature a predominant female lead, there was a huge outcry of upset fans claiming this was merely pandering to the feminazi’s of the world. What followed was unprecedented success for the character of Rey, and a slew of new films featuring female superheroes, role models, scientists, and even fish. Similar hatred was spewed when the Ghostbusters reboot and Rogue One were announced, but the people have spoken. The top 2 grossing films of 2016 (Finding DoryRogue One)* were centered on stories of girls; their struggles, their coming of age, and their realization of the power of their voices. Regardless of any opinion to the contrary, the female hero is here to stay, and let me just say, it’s about damn time. 

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LBCC 2016

Long Beach Comic Con 2016

Jenny had a chance to visit the Long Beach Comic Con a couple weeks back! She had a blast walking the floor and meeting a ton of cosplayers! Check out the video below with some of the highlights and also the photo gallery at the bottom of the post!

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Growing Up On Earth 2

Growing Up On Earth 2

I’m a white American male. About as typical as they come. As a white American male, I haven’t had to traverse the inherit hurdles that a lot of my culturally diverse peers have. Also, the world of American entertainment seemingly caters to my needs. Growing up I didn’t have to search high and low for a hero who looked like me. However, when I think back I don’t remember seeing my favorite heroes in this light. I didn’t see Batman as a white male hero. I saw him as the super detective protector of the innocent. He fought crime so that no other child would end up watching their parents murdered in front of their eyes. He punched faces in the name of honor and justice. I saw him that way and no way else because I didn’t have to try to see him in another way. As a boy, the television, the movie screen, the video games, and the comic books made the protagonists in my image. I didn’t know any other way, until I grew up.

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ScareLA 2016

ScareLa 2016!

Halloween in August? 
Count me in!!!

We were found wondering the Pasadena Convention Center over the weekend of August 6-7th.
This was our first time at ScareLA which started back in 2013 as the “first fan convention dedicated to celebrating Halloween”.

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