WhedonCon 2017 Preview

WhedonCon 2017 is Here!

Frequent visitors to the site or the podcast know that most of us here are HUGE Joss Whedon fans. Personally, I've been on the Whedon Fan Train since Buffy the Vampire's pilot episode. Something about the way he molds and develops stories and characters just captivates me. He has this way that few writers do, about making you love a character so much and then ripping your heart out when he kills them brutally. It's great! This year in we're fortunate enough to be able to cover WhedonCon!

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WonderCon 2017

WonderCon 2017!

WonderCon happened and we were there! Check out our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the post and our video of the con just below these floating words! DO IT!

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HVFF Chicago 2017

Heroes & Villains FanFest Chicago 2017!

Heroes and Villains is a convention that celebrates the comic book genre in film, television and in the comics. Meanwhile, Walker Stalker Con is a convention that celebrates the zombie genre, notably The Walking Dead. This year in Chicago the cons mashed up in a glorious team-up effort to combine stars from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead! Check out our video below and the photo gallery just below that!

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LBCE 2017

Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

Convention season is upon us and the coverage here at Atomic Geekdom is coming in fast and furious. Long Beach Comic Expo came and went with Justin, Jenny, and Patrick filming the entire event! Check out our video below and the photo gallery below that and if you're in our footage, let us know! @AtomicGeedom on Twitter and Instagram!

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Lady-Hero Here To Stay

The Lady-Hero is Here To Stay

When it was announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would feature a predominant female lead, there was a huge outcry of upset fans claiming this was merely pandering to the feminazi’s of the world. What followed was unprecedented success for the character of Rey, and a slew of new films featuring female superheroes, role models, scientists, and even fish. Similar hatred was spewed when the Ghostbusters reboot and Rogue One were announced, but the people have spoken. The top 2 grossing films of 2016 (Finding DoryRogue One)* were centered on stories of girls; their struggles, their coming of age, and their realization of the power of their voices. Regardless of any opinion to the contrary, the female hero is here to stay, and let me just say, it’s about damn time. 

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LBCC 2016

Long Beach Comic Con 2016

Jenny had a chance to visit the Long Beach Comic Con a couple weeks back! She had a blast walking the floor and meeting a ton of cosplayers! Check out the video below with some of the highlights and also the photo gallery at the bottom of the post!

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Growing Up On Earth 2

Growing Up On Earth 2

I’m a white American male. About as typical as they come. As a white American male, I haven’t had to traverse the inherit hurdles that a lot of my culturally diverse peers have. Also, the world of American entertainment seemingly caters to my needs. Growing up I didn’t have to search high and low for a hero who looked like me. However, when I think back I don’t remember seeing my favorite heroes in this light. I didn’t see Batman as a white male hero. I saw him as the super detective protector of the innocent. He fought crime so that no other child would end up watching their parents murdered in front of their eyes. He punched faces in the name of honor and justice. I saw him that way and no way else because I didn’t have to try to see him in another way. As a boy, the television, the movie screen, the video games, and the comic books made the protagonists in my image. I didn’t know any other way, until I grew up.

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ScareLA 2016

ScareLa 2016!

Halloween in August? 
Count me in!!!

We were found wondering the Pasadena Convention Center over the weekend of August 6-7th.
This was our first time at ScareLA which started back in 2013 as the “first fan convention dedicated to celebrating Halloween”.

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Mary Sue

The Battle of Mary Sue & Marty Stu

In geek culture, the term “just another Mary Sue” is thrown around on a daily basis. When I first heard the term it was as an insult. This made me curious to figure out “who the heck is Mary Sue”.

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Marvel Netflix Wish List

5 Marvel Netflix Series We Should Have

 As we have seen, Netflix & Marvel have been doing a pretty good job with making darker, more serious series that are within the same universe as the films. With the success of 2 seasons of Daredevil and a season of Jessica Jones, it's no wonder they want to expand with adding Iron Fist and Luke Cage. If they can continue with these, they will need to expand on some other lesser known heroes and villains. I've decided that I would take a crack at 5 characters I think would make a good Netflix series. Of course, I am excluding The Punisher from this list mainly because it seems to possibly be in the works and really, who wouldn't want to watch that?!

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In Defense of Superman

In Defense Of Superman: Why the World's First Superhero Still Matters

By: Matt Spaulding

By: Matt Spaulding

I've been thinking a lot about Superman lately. Generally I don't think much about The Man of Steel, I'm a Batman guy. But more and more lately I've been giving thought to Superman and what he means, what his place is in the world, and why people should still care.

Superman doesn't get the love he deserves. He certainly used to (the success of Superman the Movie and Superman II certainly prove that) but not any more. As a society, we've become "too cool" for the man in blue and red. He's old fashioned. He's too morally straight. He's too good. We want relatable. We want conflict. We want psychological realism.

Except we don't. There was certainly a time when people wanted (and please excuse my use of a tired, gag-inducing phrase) "dark and gritty." But that time has passed (well, mostly.) If the success of the MCU is any indicator, people are more interested in heroes who just do good. The time of the antihero is pretty much gone. Look at Captain America. He's certainly not a grim hero. He's a guy who stands up and does what's right no matter what. He's a down-home American boy.

So why doesn't the same apply for Superman? Why, when people are ready to stand up and cheer for Captain America are they ready to shoot down Superman as "too good"? What's wrong with The Big Blue Boy Scout? 

There was a time when I thought the same things about Superman. A little personal information: I'm an atheist and a skeptic. I battle depression. I'm quick to get hot under the collar. All these traits led me down a path for a time when I was like "oh, Superman, what a goody goody. No one wants a hero who just does the right thing all the time. That's not realistic. Give me Batman. Give me Green Lantern. Give me Spider-Man. At least these guys make poor choices and do questionable things like real people do!" And, at the time, the world seemed to agree with me. 

But I've gotten older. I become more and more compassionate for all my fellow people every day. I want more people to do the right thing, to treat each other better. And the world has changed right along with me. We've watched war go on and on and on without end since September of 2001. We've become more and more aware of the corrupt nature of politics, the economic inequality of the American people. the continued existence of racism, sexism and homophobia in our culture. In short, the world is full enough of morally ambiguous people doing morally ambiguous things. We're ready for heroes. Real heroes.

And that's where Superman, the most overlooked of the real heroes comes in. My very first thought after the tragic terrorist attack in Paris a couple weeks ago was "damn, we really need Superman right now." And I still stand by it. In Man of Steel it was established that the "S" stood for hope. And we sure need a lot more hope in this world. 

On top of hope, we need a symbol of what is right and just. Right now, our government, as well as others, continue to engage in very questionable tactics to "bring justice" for the horrible things that have happened. And while I don't want to turn this article into a political argument, I must say that I don't think "justice" is bombing entire villages of people to retaliate against a select few people. Enough innocent people have already died in this world. Justice isn't killing more of them. And Superman would agree. Superman doesn't believe in collateral damage. The world needs to look to the example of Superman to do the right thing. 

Another argument against Superman is "he's too powerful." Well, on this, I often tend to agree. Historically, Superman has been given more and more power since his creation, to the point he did become quite ridiculous for a long time. But perhaps it's time you revisited Superman. In the New 52, he has been dramatically powered down so that he more closely resembles his original incarnation 75 years ago. Sure, he's strong, but he's not completely invulnerable (in one issue, he was taken out for quite a time by a crashing train). And of course he can still fly and use heat vision. But, overall, he's been treated in a much more....ummm...less powerful way is the only way I can think of to describe it. 

I've also often heard it stated that Superman isn't a real hero because he knows he can't be hurt or defeated, so going in to those dangerous situations doesn't make him a hero because he has nothing to worry about.. Wrong. That argument confuses "heroism" with "bravery." I wouldn't argue you that Superman isn't brave. By definition, bravery is doing something good for someone else despite being afraid for your own safety. Superman certainly needn't worry about his own safety. But that doesn't make him not a hero. A hero is simply someone who does the right thing, someone who saves the day. And THAT, Superman certainly does.

If you've made it this far still thinking you want a little conflict in your character, a little "emotional realism," fine. I don't blame you. It makes sense. Everyone has more than one level. Even Superman. Consider the great tragedy of Superman, one that has often been explored in comics: despite all he can do, all his great power Superman still can't save everyone that needs saving. He wants to, he really does, but it is just impossible. Superman still has to regularly make life and death choices. While he's busy saving people from a tsunami in Japan, there are people in Colorado dying in a mudslide. While he's stopping the eruption of a volcano in Hawaii, there are people being bombed in Baghdad. I've seen the argument over and over again that, because of all his powers, everything is "too easy" for Superman. Making those decisions doesn't seem easy to me. Can you imagine the burden this would put on you if you had to decide who to save? Superman can, and it tears him up inside.

Let's also not forget that Superman is a very loving person. He cares deeply about those closest to him. That leaves him, like every other hero, vulnerable to attacks on his personal life.

It's time to embrace Superman again. The world is harsh enough without our heroes being harsh right along with it. Superman is the best of us. Despite being from Krypton, he's the most human person in fiction. His compassion and his incredibly straight moral compass may strike you as old fashioned and lame, but I submit to you that they are the very reasons he's the most relevant hero in all fiction. If everyone tried to be a little more like Superman, the world would be a much better place for it. 

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For The Love Of Con

For The Love Of Con

I fell into the convention circuit back in 2009. At that time in my life I was obsessed with the Sookie Steakhouse books and HBO’s True Blood Series. I met all sorts of cool fans during that time, some of them became my dearest friends. I was welcomed whole heartedly and this was my launching pad to the fan world. 2009 was the first year I attended the San Diego Comic Con. I had heard of it, but knew very little at that time. Luckily a friend had extra passes to share. (I don’t think he realized the con monster he was about to create) 

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In Service of Monsters

Guillermo Del Toro - In Service of Monsters

On any given day you will find me in some conversation or debate concerning how absolutely amazing GDT is. Just everything this man does has creepy beauty that is right down my alley.  So the second I heard that my favorite gallery here in Los Angeles was paying tribute, I was beyond excited. 1988 Gallery is genius for the simple fact that they take a subject that has a deep fan base and opens it up to a plethora of amazing artists. The artists involved do not disappoint. All aspects of Guillermo Del Toro’s work was represented in abstract, direct and gorgeous ways.  With me being a MEGA GDT fan, I was standing in a line opening night awaiting entrance to a rotating wall-to-wall group of like minded people.

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Hate: A Love Story V1

Hate: A Love Story, Vol. 1: T(why?)light

I ask you this question, Geekdom; will you join me in a journey into the deepest
depths of horrifying and peer into the darkness of your most despised subjects? Will you join me
in embracing the hate?

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