Ray Wall Band

Ray Wall Band: "He's Spider-Man"

By: Dave Clark

Some friends of the site have sent us their music video inspired by everyone's favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man. The video for the song, 'He's Spider-Man' is by the Ray Wall Band and can be seen below!

Its a fun song with an extremely cool looking video to boot! Support these guys and their awesome efforts to put original music to our favorite comic book heroes! You can find their website here: Ray Wall Band Info. And you can find their website here: Ray Wall Band. And you can find them on iTunes here: Ray Wall Band.  We think it's pretty sweet, what do you guys think?

We wanted to bring music and image together and make a “musical comic book” of sorts. The video image is partially set up like the page of a comic book with print dots and text boxes. Both the retro-pop musical style and the 1960s’esq animation ethic take us back to the classic early Spider-Man.
— Ray Wall


Music: "He's Spider-Man" - Written by Ray Wall. Performed by Ray Wall Band - SOS

Animation: Shawn Sheehan -  Motion design professional from the Detroit area. 

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