C2E2 2015

C2E2 2015!

By: Dave Clark

I've never been to a Comic Book Convention before, much less as a member of press, but on April 24th through the 26th, I was able to cover C2E2 and I had a blast. Here's a few things I noticed and experienced while I was there. All the photos were taken by my great friend and photographer Liz Domkoski


I arrived late to the event, around three in the afternoon. I got the lay of the land and took in a lot of booths and cosplayers. My first stop, however, was the Scott Snyder Q & A Panel. He was amazing! He didn't have a moderator, so he handled all the questions and answered them with such great and full answers, often times going into many tangents. He's very passionate about teaching the craft of comic book writing and is very willing to discuss that process. He took time to let a fan in the front row come up to the table and read a copy of Batman #40, granted this was well before its released date. He even answered a few questions for the lucky fan after he finished reading it. He hung out for a bit after, took time to give this fanboy a picture with him and signed a few autographs before heading down to his table to sign more for fans. I walked around the floor some more after this, but since I was without my faithful photographer on Day One, I didn't do much else.


We arrived at the convention center early and took in a few panels, we were late to the Fierce Females of TV Panel, but were able to catch the full Jason Momoa Spotlight and then the Kick-Ass Women of S.H.I.E.L.D. Panels. Momoa was sincere and honest with all of his answers, you can really tell he's a down to earth family man at heart. He's very passionate about bringing Aquaman to the life and is excited for everyone to see what DC has in store. The ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D. were fantastic and full of energy. They were extremely giddy and happy to answer all the questions the fans had about their characters being such empowered women in a male driven genre.

Towards the end of the day we walked up and met quite a few people. We talked with Eoin Macken, Sebastian Roché, Jewel Staite, David Ramsey, CM Punk, and Jason Momoa. All of them were very fun and very cool. They took a lot of time talking to their fans while signing photos and taking selfies with the fans.





I was lucky enough to get to experience this haunted house of sorts. I had only just recently watched the Insidious films and really enjoyed them. The whole experience was fantastic! You walk into a narrow hallway, the trailer was dressed up to look just like a house with all the trimmings. Once inside the hallway and dead man approached me from behind, telling me which door was mine. I walked inside and I felt like I was inside a well decorated closet. There was a small television in front of me telling me that my experience would begin shortly. The side wall then opened up and woman sat me down in another small room and placed the Oculus Rift goggles on my face. At this point you feel like your in the movie. Things are moving on their own, glasses are being thrown, the ceiling starts to break apart and the temperature dropped extremely. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see the new film.


Day Three was just us walking around, meeting fans and taking a lot of cosplay pictures. So enjoy!

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