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5 Marvel Netflix Series We Should Have

 By: Justin Pomerville

By: Justin Pomerville

 As we have seen, Netflix & Marvel have been doing a pretty good job with making darker, more serious series that are within the same universe as the films. With the success of 2 seasons of Daredevil and a season of Jessica Jones, it's no wonder they want to expand with adding Iron Fist and Luke Cage. If they can continue with these, they will need to expand on some other lesser known heroes and villains. I've decided that I would take a crack at 5 characters I think would make a good Netflix series. Of course, I am excluding The Punisher from this list mainly because it seems to possibly be in the works and really, who wouldn't want to watch that?!

Moon Knight

Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight) is what I consider to be one of the coolest, most underrated vigilante style heroes out there. With his vast job accomplishments; (entrepreneur, CIA liaison, cab driver, mercenary, marine commando, and heavyweight boxer), he would be great to watch beat up bad guys and he has a personality that just needs to be shown.

Marc Spector died while on assignment in Egypt, but was resurrected by the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. After resurrection, Spector felt he had a better calling as a vigilante, donning a white outfit and laying waste to all wrong doers that came across his path. He wore white so that everyone could see him coming, as like an ominous sign of what follows when the Moon Knight comes, getting beaten up and having a crescent shaped moon carved into their skin.

Although he has no superpowers, Moon Knight does suffer from multiple personalities, usually in the form of other super heroes that he has crossed paths with (in recent comics, they would be Spider-Man, Captain America, & Wolverine). He uses these personalities to his advantage by creating multiple lives when he is plagued by Khonshu, who visits Spector in his mind and causes him many problems, especially when it revolves around the sanity of Marc Spector. This series can be extremely dark and can explore the more dark and mystic side of Marvel.

Cloak & Dagger

Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) are runaway teens that cross paths on New York City. Tyrone is escaping from Boston where he felt responsible;e for the of his best friend, and Tandy is escaping from a neglectful mother. When these two meet, they found refuge in a shelter, which was actually a front for a crime lord to test a new synthetic drug on any runaways they can find. Tyrone and Tandy became very close while staying there and relied heavily on each other. Especially when they became the latest experiments and were injected. When injected, it awaken their latent mutant powers. Tyrone had the ability to drain the life-force of other by engulfing them into the darkness of his cloak. Tandy, on the other hand, gained the ability to project light in the form of light daggers, which can be used to subdue Tyrone's darkness.

As a series, it can be another super dark and super cool series, being able to possibly get some more teenage heroes out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can explore how teenagers deal with powers and the peer pressure of drugs. They could be a good cross over with Daredevil. The one downside though is their property licensing. Their first appearance was in Spider-Man, so I'm not entirely sure if the rights  are with Marvel or Sony.



This is a given. Eric Brooks, (aka Blade), the vampire hunter. Now that Marvel has the rights again, this is a perfect time for them to bring in the Daywalker. He has had multiple run-ins with The Punisher, so this would be a great way to introduce Blade through Frank Castle when he is on the road. 

I really don't have many other reasons why this should happen. I mean, really. Vampires, fighting, and looking at the monstrous side of the MCU. They can introduce monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Living Mummy and Werewolf By Night. It could even introduce the Legion of Monsters (But I digress). Either way, with Marvel gaining back Blade, they can totally re-introduce him into the fold just like they did with The Punisher.

The Hood

Although it's nice to see the heroes come and take out everyone, sometimes it's cool to get the perspective of the bad guys. But it would never really work with big named villains like Red Skull or Baron Zemo. But why not try it with a more street level criminal like Parker Robbins (aka The Hood).

Since he was young boy, Parker always lived a life of crime, starting out as a petty thief working for his cousin. When his father died and he was left to take care of his mentally ill mother, he needed money to not only help pay for putting her in a nursing home, but also to support himself and his pregnant girlfriend. He got a tip about a big burglary job, but when he showed up, all that was there were mystical markings and candles. He was attacked by a demonic beast, but he shot it in the head. It was wearing a cape and boots and Parker decided to take them. believing they would be of value.

He soon found that the boots and cape had mystical powers attached to them. The boots let him run onto thin air and the cape gave him invisibility. With these powers, he began with more petty theft but then decided that he could become a big player in the criminal underworld. He became a gun dealer and had the reputation of making a team called The Hood's Gang which consist of lesser known villains like; Mister Hyde, Tigershark, Scarecrow (which is different from DC's Scarecrow), and Armadillo. I'm always a fan of lesser villains getting mentioned in series.

This series could be a good way to go a dark, more sinister route sort of like Breaking Bad, Dexter, or even Hannibal. Evil can be a really good thing to watch. Even throw in cameos of heroes that they come across, like Daredevil and Luke Cage.


Jennifer Walers, the cousin of the Hulk, got her powers through a blood transfusion from the big green guy, Bruce Banner. The biggest differences between her transformation and her cousin's is that she was able to keep her intelligence she had in her human form. After being a brief member of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, she felt she was more helpful on her own, as a lawyer.

Now I know what your thinking, there are already two shows that have plenty of lawyers in them, why do we need one more? The answer is that it's a different viewpoint. You have Jennifer that is both a lawyer and a hulk. As a lawyer, she specifically works for the Superhuman Law division, working for those who have superpowers. She can change form whenever she wants, which would be great for trying to get confessions or if she ends up being tricked imto representing someone with horrible intentions. She would be a great addition to the Netflix treatment, especially after the fallout of what is to come from Captain America :Civil War. The one downside is, just like Cloak & Dagger, the rights might still be under Universal, who have the rights to the Hulk. And clearly, the only time these days we will see another Hulk is within another movie that is not a solo flick.

So that's my list. Agree or disagree? Who would you like to see? Let me know what you think.

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