SDCC 2017 Days 1 & 2

SDCC Day 1 & 2 Wrap-Up

By: Dave Clark

So much takes place during San Diego Comic-Con that we may miss a few things. Here's just a sampling of the things we found out during the first two days of SDCC 2017!


SyFy released a trailer for their upcoming prequel series based on Superman's home planet before it's destruction. Krypton takes places 200 years before the planet's demise and will debut in 2018.

Marvel's Inhumans

Since the first footage debuted for Marvel's Inhumans series (set to debut in IMAX theaters in September, but later on ABC), fans have been very harsh critics. Most of the critism comes towards the cheap look and subpar CGI for the effects. However, I feel like this could be a sleeper hit. The show has stellar casting and they're telling a story that should be easy to captivate audiences with intrigue and superhuman drama. Regardless, Marvel released a new trailer for the series at SDCC.

The CW/DC Comic-Verse

We'll have to wait till Saturday to hear from the casts of the all our beloved Arrow-verse shows but we did get this fantastic sizzle reel showing how the show went from panel to screen.

The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead

For the past handful of years, The Walking Dead has dominated our lives. They've ripped our hearts out and given us some of the most iconic scenes we've seen on television in years. They've also been a huge part of San Diego Comic-Con over the years. This year they used SDCC to release a trailer for Season 8 of TWD and Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. TWD returns October 22nd and FTWD returns September 3rd for the second half of Season 3.

Game of Thrones

One of televisions most talked about and most watched shows is Game of Thrones. Argue all you want, but it's true. It's the perfect water cooler show and if you missed the latest episode, you're hiding under rocks to avoid spoilers. Just in time for SDCC 2017, GoT has returned to HBO and to SDCC with a trailer of things to come for Season 7.


The first season of Preacher was a fan favorite hit. AMC seems to know what they're doing when it comes to making great dramatic and addictive television. The second season started a few weeks ago and while at SDCC, a trailer for the remainder of the season was released.

The Gifted

FOX is giving us a series set in the world of Mutants. The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants are alive and well in the landscape set by the new series The Gifted. Several fan favorite X-Men are present in the show including Polaris and Blink. While the X-Men name is dropped in the trailers, word has it that it will not tie into the current movies or FX's Legion. Check out their new trailer for the first season set to debut on October 2nd.

Marvel's The Defenders

Netflix is hitting home run after home run with it's original programming and it was a no-brainer when Marvel came to them about producing new shows. Netflix didn't hesitate and didn't even need a pilot before ordering Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to series. On August 18th, all four of street level heroes will come together to stop Sigourney Weaver. Feast your eyes (sorry Matt Murdock) on this amazing new trailer for The Defenders!

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Not much in the way of movie news so far this weekend, however, Lego would not go quietly into the night. The cast of The Lego Ninjago Movie were on hand as was a brand new trailer!

Young Justice Outsiders

No trailer or release date here but we did get our line-up and some images of the characters we'll see in season three of the recently revived Young Justice series. The new line-up includes Static, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Arrowette, Arsenal, Beast Boy, and new character Thirteen.

DC Universe Original Movies

During the Batman & Harley Quinn panel and screening, DC announced their upcoming slate of animated features. The Death and Return of Superman will be a two-part film to help celebrate it's 25th anniversary (I feel old). First up for 2018 will be Batman: Gotham by Gaslight which is an adaptation of the popular Batman story that tells of a Victorian Era Dark Knight who's tracking down Jack the Ripper. Up next will be Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. This will be the first Suicide Squad set within the DCUO shared continuity (Batman: Assault on Arkham is set in the Arkham games continuity) and will feature an original story. Rounding out 2018 will the first part of the two part story of The Death and Return of Superman. While Superman: Doomsday (the very first DCUO film) actually adapted the material already, this version will be more faithful to the source material. Part two, Reign of the Supermen, will be out in early 2019.

This is all just from Thursday and Friday. We still have Saturday and Sunday to go kids! Also stay tuned to our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as Jenny is running all over the place getting as much awesome footage as she can!

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