SDCC 2017 Day 3

SDCC Day 3 Wrap-Up

By: Johnny Wellens

Another Comic-Con day and more Comic-Con news! And boy what a day. There are a fair amount of trailers to post so I'll try not to blather on too much.

The CW-verse/Arrow-verse/Flarrow-verse


My interest in Arrow has decreased over the last couple of years and I didn't watch the last season, despite hearing it was a dramatic improvement on the last two and this trailer actually interested me a bit. Now I might have to check out the last season.


I have my beefs with this show but they do so many things right by their characters that I can't help but love it. And with Adrian Pasdar joining the cast as Morgan Edge I have even more to be excited about. He's awesome.

Legends of Tomorrow

Here's why I mostly care about this next season: Captain Cold. While he doesn't make an appearance in the trailer (unless I completely missed it) it has been confirmed that he'll be returning. Also this show is a lot of fun.

The Flash

We don't really glean much from this short video. We know Barry will come back at some point I just hope it's earned. But with The Thinker lined up to be the big bad and confirmation that Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man will make his debut, this is shaping up to be an exciting new season!


Batman v Superman 2... I Mean Justice League...

Look...I still don't care about this as much as I should. Some folks want to give this movie more credit because Wonder Woman was phenominal, which it absolutely was but not me. It's still a Zack Snyder movie, it looks like Batman v Superman, I hate this interpretation of Aquaman (Awlriiiight! Give me a break), I hate what I have seen of The Flash and the CGI is bottom-notch. That joke at the end with Gordon and Flash...that wasn't funny. It does look like it could be decent, my hopes aren't gone completely. We'll see.


Apparently the footage was outstanding. An army of Atlanteans marching at the bottom of the ocean accompanied by shark riders? Hell yeah that sounds awesome! Jason Momoa revealed that the army is led by Ocean Master, which makes complete sense.


Confirmed to be the next film released after Aquaman. However, there's no Dwayne Johnson which means there's no Black Adam. He's being saved for his own solo film. I do not know if that's a wise choice.

Justice League Dark

Confirmed to be the title of the film. That is all.


I have incredibly mixed feelings about this. On the one hand this can set up the reboot that I believe the DCEU needs, because again I hate this universe. Not to mention we could see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne's Batman and evil Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa. But at the same time Flashpoint is such a terrible first film for The Flash. The Flash deserves better than to simply be the catalyst for a reboot. Which is really the only reason to adapt this story. There are so many other great adventures The Flash could have and so many of his great villains that won't appear if they adhere to the structure of the comic it's based on.

The Batman & Batgirl

Those are the confirmed titles for each respective they would have been called anything else. Good titles.

The Other Films

Don't matter right now.


Ant-Man & The Wasp

Michelle Pfieffer has been cast as Janet van Dyne the original Wasp and mother of Hope! Perfect! Excellent casting. Hannah John-Kamen has been cast as Ghost and Laurence Fishburne as Bill Foster aka Goliath! This is fantastic all around. It was also confirmed that we'll see Ant-Man utilize his Giant-Man ability again. This continues to be my most anticipated movie of 2018!

Thor: Ragnarok

Here it is, my most anticipated movie of 2017! A new trailer dropped and it is magical! Check it out along with a very impressive poster. In an interview with, Director Taika Waititi announced that Mr. Krabs himself, Clancy Brown, would voice the demon Surtur.

Black Panther

Ant-Man may be number one for me next year but this is a very close second! While a trailer wasn't released to the public there was footage shown at the event. Some of the tidbits we heard about include Ulysses Klaw gaining a mechanical arm which can function as a gun/cannon with interchangeable accessories. Black Panther has the ability to form his costume on himself, very convenient. Erik Killmonger will sport his own Black Panther-like outfit and go at it with the King of Wakanda. We also got this excellent poster:

Captain Marvel

We got a lot more information than I would have thought we would and one bit of news in particular is extremely exciting! First we learned that Nick Fury will indeed be returning but he is mysteriously missing an eye patch and mysteriously regained his previously missing eye. The reason for this? The film takes place in the '90s long before the events of Iron Man in 2008! But this is not the most interesting news. That comes in the form of the enemy of our beloved Captain, the Skrulls! I don't know how Marvel has access to the rights of the Skrulls but thank *insert deity here* because this is outstanding!

Avengers: Infinity War

The same trailer that played before the audience at D23 was shown here. From all of the reviews of the attendees, this sounds like a jaw-dropping bit of footage that hopefully we will get to see soon! Some of the highlights viewers pointed out:

  • Teen Groot
  • Spider-sense
  • Iron Man in space
  • Spidey in the upgraded suit from Homecoming
  • Cap has a beard
  • Black Widow is a blonde
  • Black Panther and Winter Soldier fighting off enemies
  • Thanos is a cocky asshole
  • Thanos palms Thor's head
  • Thanos throws a moon at our heroes


Other Exciting Reveals

Stranger Things

The trailer for Season 2 released and it looks as creepy and nostalgic as the first season!

Ready Player One

The first trailer for the Steven Spielberg helmed film was revealed! Whether you're a fan of the book based on its merits or someone who thinks it's only good because of all the pop-culture references there is plenty to enjoy in this first look. Though I do worry that if you have never read the book then the trailer might be a little lost on you. But none of that should matter. Because Iron Giant, that's why.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 announced the final DLC character for Fighter Pack 1! Starfire looks like an impressive fighter and it's nice to add another female character to the roster. The video also showed off a Bizarro premier skin for Superman, confirming that the developers will be adding more skins as the game continues.


If you still watch you go.

Star Trek: Discovery

Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Entertainment Earth