Best of 2017

According to Atomic Geekdom: Best of 2017!

The year is over and we're already moving on to 2018, but before we begin to forget about the year that was, a few of us here at Atomic Geekdom decided to live in the past for this article. Here's our choices for the best of 2017 in Film, TV, Books, Music, and more!

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Thoughts on Wonder Woman

Thoughts On Wonder Woman And The Impact It Had On Me

No, this is not a review. I don’t know what it is, honestly. I just can’t get the movie out of my head and I need to write about it. I have been apprehensive about Wonder Woman for many reasons. My disappointment in the previous films films. The lack of consideration put into the characters of Superman and Batman (the flagship DC heroes). Not to mention the bleak world these characters have inhabited. The films have been placed in the wrong hands. And I mean hands plural because there are so many of them trying to shape these films and all with different ideas/agendas that clash far too often. So I feel justified in admitting my trepidation.

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WonderCon 2017

WonderCon 2017!

WonderCon happened and we were there! Check out our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the post and our video of the con just below these floating words! DO IT!

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