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Pokémon GO Review

A Wild Pokémon GO Review Appeared!

In the 90’s one of my favorite things in the world was Pokémon. I couldn’t get enough. I played the games on my Gameboy, had complete 1st edition sets of the Base, Jungle and Fossil cards, and habitually watched the anime. Pokémon stayed with me through my adulthood, but seemed to fizzle out in the public eye for a while. The buzz started again in 2013 when the late great Satoru Iwata, of Nintendo, and Tsunekazu Ishihara, of The Pokémon Company, created a little April’s Fool’s joke with Google Maps. Well, it wasn’t little, it was a game challenge that lasted a day, to travel the globe and catch every single Pokémon. This was just the type of thing to get fans, like me, losing their minds with the possibility of actually playing a game where you could catch Pokémon in real life. Some decisions were made, and an unfortunate passing occurred, but in 2015 Tsunekazu Ishihara announced plans for an augmented reality game that did just this, and dedicated his announcement to Satoru Iwata. And now, three years later, we finally have it: Pokémon GO. Oh yea…

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