Star Wars

Ep 38

38 - A Fistful of Fellas

In this landmark episode, your ol' Pal Randy thinks he isn't feeling very well. So instead of missing another week, ja boi Johnny brought in some buddies from the Atomic Geekdom family and we BS about movies, comics, video games and finally talk some real shop on Game of Thrones!

Ep 23

23 - The Pals Get Pumped for 2017 and Reflect on the Back End of 2016

The Pals catch up on the last half of 2016, list their Top 5 Favorites of the year and look forward to 2017! Also, a special guest appearance by Hollywood's cutest little sister Anna Kendrick is expected! By us. We expect her to show up. Tune in to find out if she does! ...she doesn't.

Ep 22

22 - The Pals Talk the New Stargate Movie! No Wait, Star Trek. Dammit, Star Wars...It's Star Wars

In this episode the Pals talk about Rogue One Colon A Star Wars Story That Takes Place Before The Events Of Star Wars Colon A New Hope But After The Events of Star Wars Colon The Revenge Of The Sith Wherein We See What Happens To The Team That Was Successful In Stealing The Plans For The Death Star But Some If Not All Lost Their Lives In The Process And Became Known As The Heroes Who Helped Take Down The Deadliest Weapon The Empire Ever Created Until Star Wars Colon The Force Awakens.