Suicide Squad Production

'Suicide Squad' To Begin Production in Toronto

By: Dave Clark

The film that will follow Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the newly created DC Cinematic Universe is not a Batman solo film, not a Wonder Woman solo film, its not even an Aquaman solo film. No, the first film we'll get after the fallout of Batman v Superman is David Ayer's Suicide Squad. Some may balk at the confidence in such a move when building such a large cinematic universe, but not me. I'm excited to see Task Force X on the big screen and I think it'll do very well if treated in the right way. I love Harley Quinn, and her merry band of villains doing Amanda Waller's dirty work under threat of imminent death.

What makes me even more excited are the rumors that Jared Leto may be taking on the role of The Joker. Ayers is said still be finalizing deals to bring Jai Courtney, and Tom Hardy into undisclosed roles for the film but Margot Robbie is rumored to be playing Harley Quinn, and of course, we have Leto possibly as Joker. It's also been rumored that Jesse Eisenberg will reprise his role as Lex Luthor in some capacity in this film as well.

Jared Leto

Margot Robbie

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that director Ayers will begin shooting in Toronto from around mid-April to September. Suicide Squad is set for a August 5th, 2016 release.

How do you guys feel about Leto as Joker, if the deal gets finalized? Which Squad members do you want to see in this film version of the roster? Are you happy with Robbie as Harley?