Batman Solo Film 2019?

'The Batman' Solo Film in 2019?

By: Dave Clark

Since he was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne, for what was originally thought of as the sequel to Man of Steel (but has since become a stand alone film titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.) we've been curious as to when Ben Affleck would get his solo film as the Dark Knight. Rumor has it ( that we'll be seeing him return (after a stint in 'Justice League' in May of 2017) to the cape and cowl in 2019 to begin the new franchise of Bat films. 

DC has a slate of movies rumored for release in the next few years before we get to 'The Batman' (the rumored working title) which can be seen here. But is 2019 too far away for you Batman fans? We'll see him up against Superman in 2016 and then joining forces with Supes in 'Justice League' in 2017 but it will be the first Batman solo adventure since 2012. What do you guys think? Are you ready for Batfleck? How do you feel about all of these DC/WB film rumors? Chime in below!

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