Review: Super Zero

Review: Super Zero!

By: Dave Clark

Very recently, we were lucky enough to have the writer and director, Mitch Cohen along with the two leads (Umberto Celisano & Giselle Gilbert) of the short film Super Zero on the podcast. Not only were they super fun to talk to, but they were extremely insightful when it came to talking about the making of their short film. The film itself is about a normal dude who finds out he has terminal brain cancer and then finds himself in the zombie apocalypse. Just a normal week.

I know you're thinking, "Ugh, another zombie movie" and usually I'd be on board with you, but this short film is less about zombies and more about people learning how to be happy with who they are. Our hero, Josh Hershberg (played by Umberto Celisano) is a gamer but also a genius engineer. He's always seen himself the way that he believes the world sees him, as not good enough. He's had a crush on a girl he went to school with named Paige Reynolds (Giselle Gilbert), who he believes has never noticed him. After finding out that he has brain cancer and is essentially sentenced to death, Josh starts to record a monologue with his computer. The thoughts and feelings expressed are extremely real and moving for anyone who maybe wasn't the most popular in school.

We get a little exposition provided by NASA JPL's Bobak Ferdowsi, explaining that they found water on Mars and that returning Mars mission has crashed near Hershberg's neighborhood, ushering us all into the zombie apocalypse. Its at this point we discover just exactly the person that Josh Hershberg is and who he was actually meant to be. 

The short is well acted, extremely original, and real. The monologue provided by Josh throughout the intro of the film is well crafted and touching as we discover just what this man has gone through in life up to his point. The ending leaves it (comically) open to more entries into this universe that could expand upon Josh and his new the film and see for yourself. I loved this short, and I loved talking with the cast and creator. I hope to see this developed into some kind of series on YouTube or in any fashion whatsoever as long as we get MORE!

Watch the film below and let us all know what you thought of the film!