Spidey Villains!

Bring On The Spider Villains!

Hey everybody! Justin from 2 Broke Geeks here!

Now that we have our new Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Kevin Feige has stated that he will face off with a new villain that has yet to grace the big screen. I’m excited because Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite heroes, and the past films have not quite hit the mark so far (just my opinion).

The other reason that I love Spider-Man is because his villain gallery is ridiculously huge. From greats like Dr. Octopus, Venom, & Green Goblin to not that amazing, like Kangaroo, Looter, & White Rabbit, Peter Parker is always out and about, keeping everyone safe and putting down the baddies. But, the big question is, who will be the first up in the reboots?

I have compiled a list of possible candidates that would make the most sense. And by make sense, I mean in my head. Not everyone is going to agree with my list, and that’s all good. So, here we go:


Quentin Beck, master of illusion. We have already seen some of the more basic, morphed superpowered freaks like Lizard & Green Goblin. Why not step it back a notch and go back to technology based villains. And one of the best ones is Mysterio. I think he would be a good intro villain. With his special talents of hypnosis, robotics, chemistry, and some martial artists training from being a stuntman, I feel he would be perfect to help put Spider-Man back onto the Marvel map.


Battle of the young and old. Adrian Toomes follows the same line as Mysterio. More of  a tech-based villain. Having a winged harness to give him flight and some super strength, Vulture can be a great addition to the movie universe. Especially if they go with the Juvenator Machine story arc. Have Toomes slowly dying from using his harness too much and have him build the Juvenator Machine, which is used to take the health and energy from one living thing, and transfer it to another, thereby reversing the aging process. How cool would that be!?


Keep this movie simple. If this first film is going to be a re-introduction of Spider-Man bringing him into the MCU fold, have this first film be about him first using his powers. Downside is that Joseph’s head is reinforced with adamantium, which is owned by Fox and X-Men, that can be replaced with something else just as strong (maybe vibranium?). Hammerhead ran a huge gang, so make the movie super simple. Have Hammerhead (and possibly Tombstone as a bodyguard) just run a huge group of heists for a bigger cause, and have Peter start using his powers then. PLUS, Hammerhead spent a short time as Kingpin’s right hand man, so there you have a possible Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover.


The Living Vampire. I’m sure a bunch of people (including me) are sick of vampire films. But Michael Morbius could be a great addition to the Spider-Man movie-verse. Although it would probably make the film more of a horror action film (like Blade), I believe it would be a nice touch to add a little darkness to the series. Maybe not in the first film, but I just think he would be a great.


Not as a major villain. Just throw Phineas Mason in as someone who builds suits for the bad guys. Why not? Marvel does like to try and make some origins a little bit more believable (I use that very loosely), so have Tinkerer be the go to for villains to get their tech. That’s all.

These are the main guys that came into my mind. There are so many more that could be used. I just feel that at least one of these guys would be the most possible choice for the next film (not so much Tinkerer). But, knowing that Marvel is now helping out with this, they might have a main villain and a random beginning villain, you know.....just as an introduction.