Kong Trailer

New 'Kong: Skull Island' Trailer Shows A Lot More Than The First

By: Johnny Wellens

By: Johnny Wellens

The 2nd official trailer for Kong: Skull Island dropped tonight and we definitely got a lot of new information. We got a lot more Kong, a lot more giant monster and a lot more plot with just a little humor sprinkled in.

We learn that the island is being used as a testing site for “scientific instruments” aka bombs. We’re obviously to assume that the bombing is what causes Kong’s involvement and who can blame him? According to John C. Reilly, Kong normally keeps to himself and is considered a “good king.” And since you brought him up, I was surprised at the humor getting some spotlight. Honestly it was kind of like watching a Marvel trailer. Which is not a bad thing, because I thought the humor worked, especially since it seems like Reilly will be the major source of it.

We get an idea of the world. It’s chock-full of giant monsters, weird lizard creatures, colorful locals and lots of skeletons. One of my favorite parts of Peter Jackson’s were the creatures that inhabited the island along with Kong. I’m personally excited to see something more than just giant dinosaurs and bugs.

Of course we can’t forget to talk about the big man himself. Kong. Looks. Amazing. I knew he was going to get scaled up to be a match for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla and I am happy with what we see. I was impressed by the CGI that held him together. And I really like the fact that it’s made clear that Kong isn’t just randomly the antagonist. It’s great when people understand that Kong is the victim, not the perpetrator.

Overall I really enjoyed this trailer and cannot wait to see this film. This trailer get’s two hairy thumbs up. ...or wait ...should it get 4 because of opposable thumb toes? Okay it gets 4 hairy thumbs up.