1st Mummy Trailer

Lay Your Four Irises On The First Trailer For 'The Mummy' Reboot

By: Johnny Wellens

The first trailer for the Tom Cruise led reboot of The Mummy dropped! Before I get into it, why not take a peek?

Satisfied? Yeah, me too! While I’m still a little surprised they’re not going with more of a horror theme I’m definitely happy with what I saw. The 1999 version was more of a fun romp and this is obviously taking a more action heavy approach. Which I think makes sense considering it takes place in present day. The first minute and a half of the trailer taking place on a crashing plane really got the adrenaline pumping.

The hell...Tom Cruise died?! Was not expecting that and it made me much more interested in his character. Will he have Mummy powers? Will he be immortal? Will he ever not have thick luscious hair? I can’t wait to find out what this weird resurrection means for him. To answer all of your questions, Cruise is still a 10. He’s one damn handsome man.

We didn’t get to see a ton of Sofia Boutella as the titular Mummy but what I did see has me thoroughly excited. She’s proven herself to be a capable actor and I was very pleased when I heard she had been cast. What would I rank her you ask? Princess Ahmanet is a 9. Dos’ eyes do’!

And again something I didn’t expect to see in this trailer was Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll! I am a huge fan of this character and I think Crowe is an excellent choice for the part. He obviously is going to have a larger, or at least more integral, role than I believed he would. He’s a 6.

I sure hope this lands. I am really excited for this Universal Monsters franchise that is in the works and if this doesn’t do well it will sour my outlook for the rest of the movies. All in all, I am excited for this and you can bet I’ll be at this movie ASAP. I mean...Tom Cruise...amiright? Of course, he’s no Brendan Fraser. That guy, walking around with his great 11 face.