Transformers 5 Trailer!

The 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Trailer Was Awesome, Surprise!

By: Johnny Wellens

Want to see explosions? Want to hear Anthony Hopkins narrate what we’re seeing? Want to see a twist that should have been saved for the actual film? Well look no further:

For as long as there have been bad Transformers movies, there have been amazing trailers for them. Michael Bay knows how to cut a trailer. He just does. Watch the Pearl Harbor trailer and tell me it doesn’t make that movie look fantastic. But rarely does the movie do the trailer justice. Well here we are at movie number five for this franchise and yet again I’m blown away by what I’ve seen.

Here’s the thing about Transformers, they’re not good movies but they’re a hell of a fun time. Actually the first movie is pretty good and I’m one of the few that believes the third is better than it’s given credit for. And that’s the purpose they serve. They’re not supposed to be groundbreaking or thought provoking. They’re just supposed to be chaotic fun and I’m okay with that. Now would I like for them to be better? Absolutely. That’d be great. But if we get another Age of Extinction or Dark of the Moon I won’t complain.

Normally I’d go into what I liked about it or what I didn’t. Really the only thing I didn’t like was giving away that Optimus will be attacking his fellow Autobots. I’m hoping there’s a reason behind it that itself is a twist but I’m not holding my breath. Other than that I really dug the trailer. Music was cool, Anthony Hopkins is a legend and the Autobots/explosions look sweet.

I’m hooked. I’m in. Sign me up! I always enjoy myself in the theater with these things. Good or bad, I want to see some robots beat up other robots while humans get in the way.