Affleck Teases Villain

Ben Affleck Teases Justice League Villain

By: Dave Clark

UPDATE: Joe Manganiello is confirmed to be playing Deathstroke!

Batman himself tweeted out a short little video on what appears to be the set of the upcoming DC/WB film Justice League. In this brief clip we see a hanger and what looks to be they Flying Fox in the background (speculation of course) that was reported by set visitors a few months ago indicating that it is indeed (possibly) the JL set. Oh did I forget to mention that front and center of the clip is DEATHSTROKE! Check it out!

Media outlets and Twitter accounts are all theorizing on whether or not Deathstroke is set to only appear in the Justice League film or possibly in the upcoming Batman solo flick. The Wrap is reporting that Slade Wilson will in fact be the main antagonist of the Affleck directed Bats film. But as always, take these for what they're worth until anything is actually confirmed.

Now the theorizing of who is under that beautiful mask can begin. It just so happens that one Joe Manganiello is currently (or recently was) in London where much of the production for Justice League had taken place. He's also sporting a very Deathstroke like goatee...check it out:

Could all just be some internet geek's dreaming but I think he'd make a great Deathstroke. But what do you guys think? Pretty sweet little nugget coming from Affleck to make the Monday better right? Are you at all excited for the DCEU? Who would you cast as Deathstroke? Sound off in the comments!