Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!

Thor: Ragnarok & Roll!

By: Johnny Wellens

It’s here! It’s finally here! This is by far my most anticipated MCU film coming out this year (2017) and this trailer did not disappoint.

Let’s breakdown some of what we saw here:

This trailer answers the most discussed question...where is Mjolnir? Well…Hela blew that sucker up immediately. Mjolnir is Thor’s ace in the hole. No matter the situation, Thor has his trusty hammer by his side. Seeing Thor without his hammer makes him look vulnerable and I’m excited to see how Chris Hemsworth handles the character’s vulnerability.

And speaking of Hela, Cate Blanchett’s character looks appropriately menacing. That smirk when she destroys one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU is chilling. I’m looking forward to seeing that battle between her and Valkyries. The fact it takes a fleet of Valkyries to take her down shows how formidable she is.

A lot of people took issue with Jeff Goldblum’s look as The Grandmaster. Personally, I didn’t have issue and I don’t think folks will anymore. The world he inhabits is colorful and he is an egomaniac. He wants to flaunt himself and I think Goldblum will play that perfectly.

We get some shots of Skurge and Heimdall, who’s roles aren’t fully understood at this point but that’s cool. Interesting to see Heimdall not sporting his signature gold and I’m excited to find out how Skurge gets his hands on an automatic weapon.

Loki makes his obligatory appearance and as with most times we’re not certain which side his allegiance lies. He already got a slight redemption during Thor: The Dark World, will he get another?

And then there’s The Hulk. Someone we all knew was going to make an appearance. And it did not disappoint. Thor’s absolute glee at seeing his Avenger’s teammate was quickly dashed when Hulk gave him a look that said, “No friends in the ring.” Love it. He looks great and I am so excited to see Thor and Hulk team up to defeat Hela/Surtur. No appearance from him by the way…but I don’t really want to see him until the film comes out.

Taika Waititi brings a lot of fun and intrigue to this trailer and with a community of people criticizing Marvel for not taking chances in the MCU I feel this is a change of pace that the Thor series really needs.

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters November 3rd, 2017