Review: Alien: Covenant

Review: Alien: Covenant

By: Patrick Nagy

Alien Covenant aka “Prometheus 2”

Let me preface this review by saying“I liked this movie!” It has plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but it also has all of the Alien franchise classics:

  • Short haired ass kicking heroin? Check!
  • Funny guy with a lot of heart? Check!
  • Face hugging monsters that makes bigger monsters ripping out of someone? Check!
  • Android that can’t be trusted? ….uh watch the movie.

Anyway, this story takes place 10 years after the Prometheus exploration mission went awry. This is a colonization mission to a far distant inhabitable planet so you know it must have been a great 10 years on earth. During a solar recharging stop our colonists are struck my some mysterious sonic blasts, which temporarily damage the ship and rudely wakes our crew from hyper sleep. While repairing the ship they receive a signal from an unknown yet close planet that is inhabitable as well. What luck! Hilarity ensues (not really). They decide to forgo their long journey and check out what’s going on over here.

Like I stated earlier, there isn’t too many surprises as far as Xenomorphs and killing go, but there are some new takes and twists on how they show up. I liked Prometheus (except for the obvious “run sideways scene”) because it takes a more sci-fi look at what’s out there beyond this planet and solar system. It’s the idea of discovery…and dying in really horrible ways.

Who are the Architects? Why are they spreading new life from planet to planet? Why are they using Xenomorph chemical warfare? This movie may not answer all of those questions, but it is another step in the overall story Ridley Scott is putting forward. Remember, this is his world. We’re just trying to get through it without birthing an Alien out of our chest.