Infinity War/MCU Future

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer & Predictions

By: Justin Pomerville

Ever since they announced that the film was being pushed up a week to April 27th, we all have been asking the same question; Is there going to be a second trailer? We are a little over a month away and all we have is that one teaser trailer three months ago.

Well, we got our answer as the second trailer was released this past Friday (Mar. 18th) and the internet blew up. Biggest pre-sale tickets sold on Fandango and as I am writing this, over 25 million views on YouTube. If you have been living under a rock or just have not found a chance to watch it yet, here it is:

Now, I could go on for days about breaking this trailer down to the nitty gritty with details and what not, but everyone does that! Instead, I'm going to fill you in on what we might expect from this film as well as possible predictions on what will occur that may change the landscape of the MCU. Most of these might be repeats of what you have heard, but let's get to it.

Who Will Die?

Probably the biggest question of the whole film. Both the Russo Brothers and Kevin Feige have stated that there will deaths in this film and (for the time being), they will be permanent. Here is the shortlist of who I believe will end up getting crushed under the gauntlet of Thanos.

  • Nebula - Obviously, we will probably see a confrontation between Nebula and Gamora as they face Thanos. I highly doubt they both will survive the encounter, especially Nebula since she will probably be the one to fly in head first and get killed.
  • Hawkeye - He's nowhere to be found in these trailers, but him and his wife will be in the film. Marvel will likely be using him as cannon fodder near the beginning as Thanos' lieutenants come to Earth.
  • Vision - The big premise of this film is that Thanos is coming for the Mind Stone, which is still attached to Vision's head. It would make sense if they fail to protect Vision, and from the first trailer, it does seem like he will lose the stone.
  • One of the big three: Thor, Captain America, or Iron Man. This is a toss up. All three do not have future films coming up and their deaths would have the most impact. I will probably wager we are more than likely going to lose Captain America, however in Avengers 4, we will lose Iron Man. and I'll explain in the next bulletin on the death list. And this is probably the most unlikely.
  • EVERYBODY DIES. In the comics, Thanos does get all the stones and kills all the Avengers. A small faction including Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, & Nebula risk life and limb to retrieve the gauntlet and bring everyone back. I can see this movie as Thanos killing everyone except a small faction (Black Panther, Drax, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange to name a few) that will find a way to carry onward to the next film. That is when Iron Man and a resurrected Captain America will more than likely make the big sacrifice and die in battle.

Who Is Peter Dinklage Playing?

Another question that has been plaguing the internet, and I have a theory. I believe he will be Pip The Troll. But he won't be in the movie much because he will probably be near the end of the film as he will be teamed up with...


Adam Warlock Will Be The After Credit Scene.

There's already so much happening in this film and new characters and ones dying off, it seems unlikely we will see Adam Warlock in this film, but it makes sense he might be part of the after credit scene coming out of his pod and looking for the Guardians. There have always been hidden characters that they introduce for future and films, and although, they have stated that Captain Marvel is more than likely not going to be in the film (but who knows for sure), I have two other theories of characters that will make minor debuts:

1) Skrulls - Maybe not the Super Skrull, but since Skrulls are the main bad guys potentially in the Captain Marvel stand-alone, we will probably see a Skrull or two in space while the Guardians and/or Thanos is flying around. The second one is a little more far fetch, but hear me out...


2) Someone involved with the Fantastic Four - Now, before you go and get your pitchforks and torches and come find me, let me just say what I think. As most of the you recall, there was a Twitter exchange between Marvel and Robert Downing Jr. which lead to the announcement that Infinity War would be pushed up from it's original release date of May 4th, to April 27th. In the exchange, Marvel used the word "fantastic" in all capital letters. Now, that could easily be just for emphasis on the excitement of moving the film up, but that is a very interesting word since they are still working on getting back the rights to the Fantastic Four franchise. So, although I do not think we will see Reed, Sue, Johnny, or Ben in this film, I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to someone else that we haven't seen in awhile like Galactus or Silver Surfer. Or maybe someone new like Annihulus or one of Galactus' other heralds like Terrax or Firelord. I know it's probably nothing at all, but one can hope.

I have so many more theories and ideas on what may or may not happen, but we will know for sure in just over a month. Ten years of hints and callbacks and world building coming together to make one of the biggest spectacles that some of us never thought could ever have happened. Regardless, if we get our predictions right or wrong this film is going to break a lot of records as well as make a lot of comic readers very happy. So, I will leave you with this poster to look at and can't wait to see you guys at the theaters. Feel free to leave your thoughts and theories in the comments.