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Anti-Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

To say that Spider-Man: Homecoming is a great movie would, indeed, be a statement. It’d be an inaccurate statement but a statement it would remain.

RIP George Romero

RIP to the Zombie Godfather

I write this with a heavy heart since I just found out that George A. Romero has passed away.
It is hard to be a fan of horror and not give a huge amount of tribute to Night of the Living Dead. The year it came out (1968), it shined against competitive films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes and Rosemary’s Baby. Black and white film was not too old at that time, but the way the movie was captured set a creepy nostalgia to the chills you felt. And it was zombies. Romero will always be the Godfather of Zombie films.

Anti-Review Cap3

Anti-Review: Captain America: Civil War

Well, when it rains it pours and Marvel Studios continues its streak of duds with Captain America: Civil War.

Anti-Review F4

Anti-Review: Fant4stic

In 2005, film studio 20th Century Fox and rock star filmmaker Tim Story introduced the movie going audience to the Fantastic Four.

Dark Universe

The "Dark Universe" And How It Should Be Done

We now live in an age where most film franchises are trying to build universes within their films. We already know of the comic based ones like Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Expanded Universe, and there is even ones connecting the 21 Jump Street films to the Men In Black franchise. Yeah, that's a thing to keep an eye out for...I guess.

Dark Phoenix Casting News

Jessica Chastain In Talks for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Fans of the X-Men rejoice! Not only have we gotten news about possible casting of the next X-Men film's main antagonist, but the main cast of X-Men: Apocalypse are set to return as well. Jessica Chastain is currently in talks to portray Lilandra, the empress of the Shi'ar Empire who are searching for the Phoenix force in order to destroy it.

1st Black Panther Teaser!

Black Panther Looks...Awesome!

Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa aka Black Panther was a highlight of Captain America: Civil War. It was a great introduction for the character’s previously announced solo film. Now Marvel has seen fit to start shoveling some coal on the Black Panther hype train by dropping a surprise poster and teaser trailer this weekend. I got a chance to check out the trailer, then I checked it out again, then one more time for good measure...then about 17 more times. So what did I think about it?

Review: Alien: Covenant

Review: Alien: Covenant

Let me preface this review by saying“I liked this movie!” It has plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but it also has all of the Alien franchise classics

Review: PotC: DMTNT

Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Six years ago we endured the fourth installment of the acclaimed Disney franchise, and most viewers felt like it was a black spot on the series’ record. Honestly, I enjoyed At World’s End even with its latent inconsistencies and renewed focus on Johnny Depp’s outlandish performance. I am a huge fan, not only of the Pirates franchise, but of the original Disneyland ride as well as general pirate lore and imagery, so this may have allowed the film to get away with more indiscretions in my eyes than most others. However, I understood the outcry and the negative response the film received even if I didn’t join in on the hangings. But, now with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, I’m disinclined to acquiesce requests for the franchise’s demise. Fair Warning: There be spoilers ahead. You may not survive to pass this way again and these be the last friendly words you hear…

GDT Retrospective

Guillermo del Toro Retrospective

When asked to write an article about a director and how their work has progressed through the years, it was predictable that I would go with Guillermo Del Toro. If you follow Atomic Geekdom, it’s hard not to find me freaking out over something he has done. For years, he has fascinated and captivated my love for film to the utmost. 

GotG Vol 2

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

I just got out of seeing "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" and I have things to tell you. I overall enjoyed the film, but I did have some small issues. Nothing that really ruined the film, but just felt off or out of place. 

1st Dark Tower Trailer!

The First Trailer For "The Dark Tower" Disappoints This "Dark Tower" Fan.

I have loved Stephen King's epic "Dark Tower" series for many years. It's an incredible story that spans seven books (eight, if you count the later addition "The Wind Through the Keyhole" which takes place between books 4 and 5) and 1.3 million words. So when I heard that the series was set to be adapted to film, I was skeptical, but remained open-minded thinking that, if the Harry Potter film series could do justice to those books, a series of Dark Tower films might be able to do the same. I would have preferred a "Game of Thrones" type TV show, but I could live with movies.

1st TLJ Trailer Debuts!

The First Episode VIII Trailer Arrives!

It would appear everybody on the internet is sharing the same single thought: “It’s Finally Here”. During this year’s Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando, Florida, the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released to the masses. The heart drops, the shivers, and literal goosebumps were all intact for each of my viewings of the trailer (yes, there were many) and now, more than ever, I am absolutely psyched for December.

Cable Cast for Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Casts Cable!

We've been waiting for this news since we heard that Cable would be debuting in the sequel to the super successful Deadpool film. Names were bandied about for months up on months. Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Kyle Chandler, and many more were up for the role. Today we've discovered that Josh Brolin will portray Nathan Summers aka Cable in Deadpool 2!

Justice League Trailer!

Justice League: Come Together...But Not Right Now

Don’t hate me...but I disliked this trailer. Look, I am known for being a curmudgeon when it comes to the DCEU. I didn’t choose to not like these films or this universe. I just don’t. It doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t speak to me, it doesn’t leave me wanting more. This universe just leaves me wanting.

1st Trailer for IT!

You'll Float, Too! The First "IT" Trailer Has Arrived!

While it's gotten a tamed down (albeit, good) made-for-TV mini-series, Stephen King's classic novel IT has never gotten the big screen treatment. But this September, that all changes and this week we got our first trailer!

Batgirl Finds Director!

Joss Whedon To Direct Batgirl Film!

DC fans have been upset by the recent releases from the DC Extended Universe of films. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad have left an unending foul taste in their mouths, and they're less than optimistic that the upcoming Wonder Woman film will redeem the shared universe. However, today we get a glimmer of hope within this grey and gloomy universe Zack Snyder has created. Joss Whedon, a Geek God for many, has signed a deal to write, produce and direct a live action Batgirl standalone film.