Deadpool 2 First Photos

Official Domino And Cable Photos Released!

By: Johnny Wellens

Through the combined efforts of Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox bravely pressing the 'Enter' key, we have our first official looks at Domino and Cable from the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Zazie Beetz plays Neena Thurman aka Domino in Deadpool 2. In the comics, Domino is a mutant who has served on both the traditional X-Men team as well as it's grittier and more stealth operation focused side-team X-Force. Her mutant power allows her to randomly initiate acts that affect probability... meaning she's affects luck, which has proven quite an asset in the comics. She is also a love interest to Cable, oh la la.

Josh Brolin will portray Nathan Summer aka Cable in the sequel. Cable is the biological son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a Jean Grey clone) from the future. Cable has telepathic and telekinetic abilities, however both are hindered by the techno-organic infection he suffers from. Cable appears regularly as a partner to Deadpool regular straight man of their comedy duo. He's also a love interest to Domino...zut alors! (I know that's not the right French word but say it out loud in a French accent and it works.)