Bran Stark

Episode 222

222 Game of Thrones Series Wrap-Up

This week on the podcast we’re wrapping up one of the biggest shows of all time. There’s a short list of shows that maintain the water-cooler fodder title. Most are over due to the nature of binge watching shows that drop all at once, but there’s a few left that make us watch the show live in order to not get spoiled by our fellow workmates the following morning…or on Twitter and FaceBook an hour after it airs. Game of Thrones might be one of the last great destination TV shows and we’re here to say goodbye to this great epic drama. We’ll talk about the series finale and all the things we loved that got us to that point.

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Episode 13

13 Valar Podghulis

In this Game of Thrones dedicated episode, the boys (Kyle and Dave) discuss what happened in the season four finale. They look back at the season as a whole and look forward a bit as well. Be warned, if you have not seen all of season 4 of Game of Thrones, there will be spoilers in this episode. Follow us on Twitter @AtomicGeekdom and chime in on the website to let us know what you thought of the finale and of season 4!