Edge and Christian

EP 031

031 We Just Made A List!

This week we do something different, we talk about our all time favorite wrestler and who we think is the most over-rated. John and Munroe also talk about what happened this past week in New Japan! Follow us on Instagram and on Twitter: @RingsideGeeks!

EP 029

029 Switching it Up!

This week we're changing things up and keeping everything positive. We're taking a look at what we liked from RAW and SmackDown and touching on a few bits of new from the week. We also get really random at times. Fun was had! Follow us on Instagram and on Twitter: @RingsideGeeks!

EP 014

014 The Hot Tag

This week on the show we run down the top news and notes and debut a new segment: Tom's Match of the Week! Munroe gives us her favorite promo from this past week and we run through our favorite Tag Teams from the past as well as the modern era! Follow us on Instagram and on Twitter: @RingsideGeeks!