EP 120

Acting Disgruntled

This week on the podcast we dig into the booking of Roman Reigns since his return, Baron Corbin, and the upcoming Stomping Grounds PPV event. We also preview the G1 Climax coming up from New Japan and discuss the AEW All Out ticket situation. And we talk about the “Best in the World” Shane McMahon.

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EP 112

Wrestling Things and Stuff

Things return to normal around here as we reset and begin a new year of wrestling (as far as the wrestling calendar goes, the new year begins after WrestleMania ends). This week we look at the week in wrestling including the Superstar Shake-Up on RAW and SmackDown Live. We also talk about all the headlines and the roster moves throughout the business.

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EP 110

WrestleMania Weekend Super Show!

This week on the podcast we’re talking all things WrestleMania weekend. We preview everything happening surrounding the big show in the Big Apple. That means not just WWE and NXT events, but the whole damn thing from the whole damn weekend. Then we’ll preview NXT TakeOver and WrestleMania.

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