EP 124

The One With All The Superkicks

This week on the podcast we catch up with Dave about his wrestling experiences at San Diego Comic-Con. We also look back at the week in WWE and look ahead to Summerslam before checking out what the rest of the wrestling world had to offer this past week from Dragon Gate, Stardom, AEW, New Japan, and so much more!

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EP 118

New Champions All Over The Place

This week on the show we look back at a very busy week in New Japan, WWE, and NXT. We cover the latest buzz around Jon Moxley’s New Japan debut and breakdown NXT TakeOver and WWE Super ShowDown. We also touch on the shows coming up in the very near future including the IWGP Heavyweight Championship fight between Okada and Jericho!

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EP 076

076 Ringside Geeks Superstar Shakeup

This week on the show we get up to date with all the WWE Superstar Shake-Up fallout and we look back at the week that was in the wide world of wrestling. We also look ahead at upcoming New Japan and WWE events in the near future including WWE's big Greatest Royal Rumble event. Find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube!