"IT": The First Full Trailer

by Matt Spaulding

The first full trailer for new adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel, It, arrived today and it's jammed packed with terror!

Much like in the first teaser, in this trailer we're given a glimpse of the Losers Club: Ben, Beverly, Bill, Eddie, Mike, Stan and Richie as well as Georgie, the catalyst for the Losers' fight against Pennywise. And, of course, Pennywise himself is pretty heavily featured, being the main monster of the movie.

Other story elements introduced in this trailer are Patrick Hockstetter, a bully who falls prey to It, as well as a very quick flash of Henry Bowers and his notorious switch-blade knife. We also get plenty of terror as Pennywise pops out a few times, a very dead Georgie chants "you'll float, too" and flashes of creatures and blood fly across the screen.

And while this trailer is very promising, I still have a few reservations going into this flick. I have read the novel several times, and will probably listen to it all the way through again before the film comes out. It's one of my favorite novels of all time, if not my number one favorite. It is a fantastic horror novel in which very little of the horror comes from the monster. The real horror of It is very deep: it's the horror of losing childhood innocence, of child abuse, of spousal abuse,  of growing old, of racism, of forgetting. It's a novel that affects me deeply on an emotional level and I'm a bit nervous that a lot of the true horror of It will be lost in the jumps scares and blood this trailer promises. But, then again, the true horror of It is pretty hard to convey in a trailer, so it just might be there after all.

Check it out for yourself below and go see It in theaters on September 8th!

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