The Walking Dead at Paley Fest 2019

On March 22nd 2019, Atomic Geekdom hit the red carpet to talk with the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Join us on the red carpet and dive into the characters first hand. Season 9 has been a gift to us comic book readers with its adaptation of the comic. It was a blast talking with the cast on how they see their characters and where they want them to go.

Atomic Geekdom would like to give a BIG shout out and thank you to Paley Center for yet another great year of fan coverage with Paley Fest. The organization provides such considerable attention to media that we are truly grateful. Please be sure to check out their site ( for membership opportunities and other upcoming events.

Photo: © Michael Bulbenko for The Paley Center for Media

Black Mirror Hype

It's Almost Time to Gaze Into The "Black Mirror" Again.

I have been hooked on Black Mirror ever since I saw the very first episode (you know the one. Don't pretend you don't. It's that episode!). Charlie Brooker's dark, though-provoking, Twilight Zone-esque series about the potential dangers of technology in society is absolutely one of the best shows of the past few years and I am dying to see the upcoming fourth season.

Stranger Things S2 Hype

The Hype For "Stranger Things 2" is Real!

The first of Stranger Things was a pop culture phenomenon. The '80s throwback style reminiscent of classic horror films, the stellar cast of child actors and adult actors alike, the superb writing, it all combined to capture the world. And now it's coming back, dropping on October 27th just in time for Halloween!

Review: The Defenders

Review: Marvel's The Defenders

This past Friday, the Netflix equivalent of the superhero team of The Avengers dropped in the form of The Defenders with 8 episodes showcasing the combined strength of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist as they square off with one of the most powerful groups around, The Hand.

All In The Family

A Second Look at All in the Family

In such a tumultuous time when the world seems so polarized with current politics and social issues, it may be time to re-watch Norman Lear’s ground breaking sitcom from the 1970’s “All in the Family”. While having a couple drinks at one of my favorite haunts tonight, we grabbed a box of Trivial Pursuit “Baby Boomers Edition” and started asking each other questions. When a question about All in the Family came up  it got me thinking about our current world where we deal with issues like Brexit, a Donald Trump Presidency, abortion, the destruction of Native lands, Black Lives Matter, immigration, and refugees in a new digital age. It seems new and scary yet the same old broken record in a way.

Sliders Retrospective

Sliders Retrospective

Post-Series Depression, otherwise known as PSD, affects millions of people each year. With the creation of countless streaming platforms, this form of depression has spread across the globe faster than any virus ever has in all of human history. Symptoms of PSD could be, but are not limited to; a state of depression or sadness, a feeling of loss and emptiness, the inability to start another show, and many more similar feelings.

1st Trailer for Defenders

The Defenders Arrive In First Official Trailer

The Defenders are here! Here we get a good look at what the show is going to be giving us over 8 episodes. And thank goodness, because these 13 episode long shows are starting to drain me. But let’s talk about what we saw here and figure out whether or not we’re going to be excited!

Titans & YJ: Outsiders

Titans & Young Justice: Outsiders Will Debut In 2018!

The level of “squee” that came out of my mouth when I heard about a live action Teen Titans was probably over 100 on the decibel scale (See: Chainsaws and fireworks).

Supes Returning!

Superman Returns...for Supergirl Finale!

Coming off the heels of the announcement that Arrow will see two stars returning for the end of the season, Supergirl made news as well. Tyler Hoechlin opened the season by debuting as Earth-38's Superman, and he'll wrap up season two by appearing in the finale which airs on May 22nd! Kara's iconic cousin had previously served as a distant source of inspiration for her, but since he showed up for a couple episodes, he's let her face her challenges on her own. She's done well as the lone hero for National City (aside from Guardian stepping in from time to time...oh and Mon El) but it seems she'll need the Man of Steel's assistance in the season's final battle.

Stars Returning to Arrow!

Key Characters Returning to Arrow

The first two seasons of Arrow are the main reason why we have such a rich and full DC Television Universe on The CW. The series gave us The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl due to it's success. While the current season has seen a slight return to that fun storytelling, it's also going to give us the return of two fan favorite characters. Deathstroke and Nyssa al Ghul are set to return to Star City!

Review: "Sherlock: The Six Thatchers"

By Matt Spaulding

It took three long years, but "Sherlock" finally returned this past Sunday night!

It's pretty hard to review a "Sherlock" episode without giving things away. So much happens in each episode, but I'll give it my best shot.

The beginning of the episode picked up pretty much right where last season left off, with the mystery of Moriarty's apparent return from the dead. This fact pries at Sherlock's brain for a bit of the episode, but not for too long because other problems soon arise.

The start of the episode also finds Mary and John expecting their first child, which arrives pretty quickly to drop them into the roll of parenthood to serve other plot lines that arise later.

The main thread of the show arises when Sherlock takes a case to solve the death of a client's son but ends up finding another case at the scene that he finds more interesting and believes to be tied to Moriarty's postmortem plan to get at him. It involves a smashed bust of Margaret Thatcher. He soon discovers more like it are being smashed all over and we eventually learn it ties back to Mary's past as a secret agent.

Meanwhile, we find John dealing with parenthood and going down a rather surprising path for the character, but not one I was unhappy with.

That's about the extent of the plot details that can be shared without ruining the plot. The end of the episode was a huge surprise and one that's going to drastically effect Sherlock and John moving forward and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Overall, I really loved this episode. It was great to be back with old friends. That said, though, I have to say that I have a small quibble with this episode that carried over from season three: the show just feels different from the first two seasons. It's kind of hard to describe, but it's pretty noticeable. The first two seasons were some of the smartest television I've ever seen, if not the smartest. They focused heavily on the mystery and the tying together of story threads and explaining Sherlock's process. In series three, those sort of took a back seat. They reappeared here, but most of the episode was closer to Guy Ritchie's almost James Bond style Sherlock Holmes than the show "Sherlock" was in the first two series. Based on the end of the episode, I hope it gets back there, though.

Savitar 101

Savitar 101

Season 3 of The Flash has finally given us our first look at the another villainous speedster, Savitar. But what do you really know about The God of Speed? At the very least you know his name and that’s a start. Well worry not, because I am here to give you some more insight into who this royal jackhole is.

New Ghost Rider Footage

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Preview Shows More Ghost Rider!

The upcoming season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already promises to be something different, which is a good thing. The last two seasons have been heavy with Inhumans and to me, it's been a bit boring. Season 4 will see the debut of Ghost Rider to the extended MCU in the form of Robbie Reyes played by Gabriel Luna. The Official AoS Twitter posted a new trailer that shows a lot more of Ghost Rider in action with the Agents. Check it out below:

Paley: Lethal Weapon

PaleyFest - Lethal Weapon

Jenny was on the red carpet for the PalyFest Lethal Weapon event!