The Strain E10-E13

'The Strain' - Feel The Burn

By: Jenny Robinson

Season One, Book One is now complete. And the human race does not appear to be in a winning pole position. 

*Spoiler Alert*

The last 3 episodes of this premier season left all of our vampire soldiers with some emotional baggage to carry with them. 

Around mid-season the team lost “Samwise” aka Jim. This continues to weigh on Nora’s character. In the episode “The Third Rail” she pockets Jim’s chosen knife to take into the battle in the subway under the World Trade Center, provided by Setrakian of course. Eph looses track of his ex and Fet has to expose his flirty office interest to the sun (although he didn’t seem to dwell on this which is very much a token of his character). We learn about Setrakian’s love and regret for his wormy heart. But a good tie to Setrakian’s heartbreak and one of the more moving hardships is Gus’ discovery of his mother. The writing team did a principle job towards the start of the season by showing the importance his mother played in his life. She seemed to be Gus' moral compass, despite his criminal directions. 

The following emblematic “creepy” scene goes to the same S1E11 "The Third Rail". 

With Fet stuck in the tunnel that was just slightly too small for his size and a vamp nipping at his heels (literally) we are given a classic horror element to the series. From holding your breath, to cheering for the UV Light Bomb, it had a progression that made waiting a full week for the next episode difficult.

The “Ancients” during the last episode “The Master” finally gave some insight to the vampires that seem to be fighting their own battle. Gus, in all of his elegance, put it brilliantly “A Vampire Turf War”. It may be safe to say that anyone who has read the novels or comics have been waiting for that reveal, and an explination for the hooded warriors. Gus appears to be Mr. Quinlan and the Ancient’s new human soldier, proving that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Now for some harsh criticism. “Dun dun dahhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Let’s start with the fact that in “Last Rights” Palmer meets up with the Secretary of Health in her office and shear blinds were enough to block the sunlight for Eichorst. Let’s get this right, a vampire is OK in sunlight? Did we not see Fet’s office crew burst into flames when sun hit them? 

Also, the crew of fighters go into a battle chopping heads off, beating them with whatever weapon is at their disposal, yet no worm splatters seem to ever touch them. Kelly, on the other hand whacks Matt in the head with a kitchen appliance and a single worm miraculously hits her in the eye. Our heroines sure are some lucky ones.

Lastly, Palmer’s resurrection from the Master’s blood was more like Andy Dufresne’s crawl through a river of s#!t to come out clean on the other side. He still wasn’t happy and wanted more! Fitzwilliams was right to leave!

Aside from those few complaints, there are more praises. 

The story arch that has been developing over the last episodes containing Kelly Goodweather has been well evolved. 

The Master has proven he has a larger plan in the works. The use of Kelly to distract Eph has become a quality ploy. 

The Master seems to have some concerns with the abilities of our group of hunters. Setrakian has already proven to the Master his determination. It appears teaming up with Eph, Nora and Fet may prove to be troublesome going forward. 

The big finale was The Master being pushed into the sunlight. Unlike the rodents Fet exterminated, the Master does not seem to be effected as quickly by the sun as his minions. “He ran down the building, in direct sunlight and disappeared." 

Setrakian's words “We’re Lost” have weight to them. Enough weight to have Eph put down the milk and pick up the scotch. 

We leave season one with the Master on the run, the hunters in despair and a new crew of soldiers at the ready. 

Now we anxiously wait for 2015: Season Two - The Fall.