The Strain E7 - E9

'The Strain' - Gone to Hell in a Handbasket

By: Jenny Robinson

At the rate the Strain is picking up momentum we have to be careful not to blink or to miss something. So from here on out, “Spoiler Alert” & “Ear Muffs” if you do not want to know what has happened thus far.

I will be honest, I flew through episode 7 “For Services Rendered”. It crammed in so many significant elements. The important back story of  the “Master’s” coffin and who exactly Eichorst is, holds as the building blocks of the episode. The tête-à-tête between Setrakian and Eichorst was like watching a game of chess. Eichorst displayed a visibly high opinion of Abraham while at the same time making it known how he is irrelevant. If you flash back a few episodes when Setrakian was imprisoned, there was a similar exchange between the two. Meanwhile, Abraham, although fearful, could be seen analyzing the situation and next move. It set the tone to the opposing characters. 

So let’s cut to the train station scene. It is about time corrupt Mr. Kent attempted to redeem himself, proving that “Rudy" just cannot be a bad guy! But more importantly, it was the first time that the “Master” saw Setrakian’s band of protagonists through Eichorst’s eyes. I will get to that later.

The best part in my honest opinion is what has most viewers trying to wrap their heads around. Who were those vampire sentinels at the end of the episode destroying the “corrupt”? The book readers know. The rest will have to wait and see with anticipation.

Moving onto “Creatures of the Night” episode 8.  We finally start to see a few characters meet up with each other with Nora and Fet’s negotiations of the distribution of UV lamps.  That is about where all civilized activities cease. To date, this is the most action packed hour the Strain has seen. It had a very resemblance to the horror movie “The Mist”. A group of people stuck in a convenience store while creatures stalked them from outside. Of course, you always have the non-believers who walk out into said mist or in this case a clerk that believes glass can protect him from worms and stingers. Some never learn.

I hold the best death of this episode not to our fallen hero Jim but to the perfect cameo from the legendary Rick Baker. Baker is known for his make up on Michael Jackson’s Thriller, An American Werewolf in London, Planet of the Apes, and more recently The Wolfman.  Not to forget and to tie in that he also was a make up consultant for Hellboy, bring it full circle back to del Toro. Don’t get me wrong, we will miss Jim too. Yet, we must be grateful that Fet had the audacity to end it before it became a tear jerker.

To the present tense, episode 9 “The Disappeared”. 

Not a lot happened in comparison to the epic store battle, but this episode gave each character a lesser warrior persona, although not entirely. Eph was finally able to chop the head off of the "Man Child” Matt and be the hero in Zach’s eyes. And Fet is able to prove his manly skills in front of Dutch and save the day. What was endearing was the interaction between Abraham and the other sub characters. That slight wink at Zach when trying to explain the workings of the world that is now. Or the disappointing acceptance when Dutch confesses of her hack job, even though you know he is plotting on how to extort that. 

The best thing to take away from the last episode? The official introduction to “The Master”.

Every week when the credits roll the anticipate for the next episode kicks in.

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