Outlander - PaleyFest

OUTLANDER - PaleyFest 2015

By: Jenny Robinson

It has felt like time slowed to a crawl as fans of Outlander (Starz) wait for the second half of season one. The midseason finale left us with quite the cliffhanger as Claire is held by the twisted Black Jack. 

So on March 12th, all those eager fans had the opportunity (care of PaleyFest) to get excited for the April 4th premiere..

(photo © Rob Latour  for Paley Center for Media)

The panel consisted of Caitriona Balfe @caitrionambalfe (Claire Fraser), Sam Heughan @SamHeughan (Jamie Fraser), Tobias Menzies @TobiasMenzies (Frank Randall/Black Jack Randall), Diana Gabaldon @Writer_DG (author), Ron Moore @RonDMoore (Executive Producer & Writer) and Kristin Dos Santos @KristinDSantos (moderator - E! News and E! Online).

Dos Santos kept the panel in a playful mood and whipped out a bottle of scotch. Nothing like the drinking game “Ne’er Have I E’er" to start the session off right. A personal favorite, the cast was asked if they ever laughed during a sex scene. Balfe gives Heughan a salutes of the glass, and drinks, then salutes Menzies and drinks again. The men do the same and the audience responds with an uproar of laughter.

(photo © Rob Latour  for Paley Center for Media)

Second game of the night…the Newly Wed Game. What is the word or phrase Sam says the most? Her reply “Oh my God!” and his reply was “That’s Great!”. To further the bond, when asked the same of Caitriona, his response was “Make mine a double” and her’s “SHIT!”. The bond of the cast appeared very tight and lighthearted. 

Ron Moore when asked if they show will stray from the books, his reply was in regards to when adapting to screen, you find the need to make changes along the way, but the intent is to keep true to the page. Diana Gabaldon gave praise to how well the show has adapted her 23 years of writing. 

When the show returns in a few weeks, the fans will be happy that a lot of the book remains in tack for the first episode. What is in store for the episodes to follow looks to be quite the ride. 

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!

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