Binge: Jericho S2

The Binge Watch: Jericho - Season Two

By: Dave Clark

Continuing my binge watch of Jericho, its time for the second and final season's review. Season two picks up directly where season one left off. The battle between New Bern and Jericho is underway when the new US Government (Allied States of America, new flag and everything) swoops in to stop the border dispute. They arrive into town and begin to instill order and clean things up after the fallout of the bombings in the first season. A company called Jennings and Rall also comes into town in order to provide aid and support for the town...or so they say.

This season moves extremely fast as it only has seven episodes to tell the story. There's conflict with the military that has moved into Jericho, while New Bern is still seeking retribution. Add into the mix the mysterious and not entirely trustworthy Jennings and Rall, and their leader (you would recognize him from season one as a not so nice guy). The season takes a dark turn in episode four when we lose a very beloved character in a brutal way, and the pace drives the series home to final few episodes.

Hawkins is still working in the background, as he continues to find out who is running this newly formed government, only to find out it was his former boss, and current terrorist suspect. Not to mention his boss is still trying to track him down to find the bomb and kill him, all the while using the military force that's in town to try and stop him as well, until Jake is able to trust Major Beck and let him know of the conspiracy that he's unknowingly involved with.

There's a lot of action this season, as well the unnerving tension and drama that we've come to expect from the first season. There's a stand-off at the hospital as a witness of an embezzling scheme and the only whistle blower to survive an assassination attempt is healing, the Ravenwood team is ready to invade the hospital to cover up their theft. The final few episodes really deal with the future of the country as a whole, and step out of the small town of Jericho. There's a new American Civil War looming, with Jake and Hawkins being two key components to see that America has a chance at surviving this conflict.

The series ends with a cliffhanger. You don't know what's coming next (aside from a new Civil War), but you can find out by picking up the Dark Horse comics that were released as a subsequent season three for the series. Again, I highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone who enjoys a great television. I recently got some friends to watch it on Netflix and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Check it out and I'll see you guys in two weeks for my next Binge Watch installment with a new show!