Maxwell Lord Casting

Supergirl Casting News From SDCC!

By: Dave Clark

The night would continue in the DC TV Universe as the Supergirl panel would take the stage. The crowd got to see a screening of the pilot (which leaked online a few weeks ago). We also discovered that a prominent DC villain would be joining the cast. Maxwell Lord has been a villain and a hero at times, but on Supergirl he's described as a green tech billionaire who enjoys a friendly rivalry with Cat Grant and a fascination with National City's newest arrival, Supergirl. Portraying Lord is Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga, Fastlane, Can't Hardly Wait).

Peter Facinelli

Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord will be a recurring character on the show. Supergirl is set to debut on CBS on October 26th at 8:30PM EST.