Review: Supergirl S1E10

Review: Supergirl - "Childish Things"

By: Dave Clark

After a week off, Supergirl, returns to our Monday nights in grand fashion. Tonight we got our first look at Toyman aka Winn's father. While that was the main storyline we were also give a good look at Martian Manhunter tonight. We got to see him fly, we got to see him phase through a wall...and we got to see him open up to Alex. He fears coming out to the world as Martian Manhunter because he doesn't want to be hunted again or frighten humans. He feels he can help them in the form of Hank Henshaw and when he breaks into Room 52 inside Maxwell Lord's building, he discovers the woman that Lord has been experimenting on...he also gets caught by a guard. Hank is forced to wipe the man's memory...all of his memory.

The main plot of this episode was all about Winn. We get a good look at his relationship with his father, a man who attempted to kill his boss for stealing a toy idea and making millions from it. However, Winn's father killed five other people and was sentenced to a maximum security prison. When he breaks out, Winn is reunited with his father and forced to face his fears of becoming just like him. With the help of Kara, explaining how similar the two are to each other, with her Aunt and his father, and reassuring Winn that he is a much stronger and better man than his father, Winn is able to help save the day with Supergirl.

Overall I really liked the episode. I loved the use of Toyman and how diabolical and creative he can be with his toys. While I'm not a fan of the love angles in this show, I did like that Winn finally professed his love for Kara, only to have her turn from his affections, wanting to be just friends. I've been there Winn, the Friend-Zone sucks. Thankfully, there wasn't much of the love drama, focusing mostly on Winn and his father, and with Hank dealing with his secret identity.

What I Liked:

  • This version of Winn. He's vulnerable, he's afraid, but in the end he confronts his fears and admits his feelings for Kara as well.
  • The creepy dolls and the ninja star yo-yo.
  • Agent Cameron Chase. I love me some Emma Caulfield and I hope she returns.
  • Seeing Martian Manhunter phase through a wall and use his abilities to erase a guard's mind when he's caught inside Room 52.
  • Hank's remorse after using a power he vowed to never use again.
  • The sisters enjoying Game of Thrones together.

What I Didn't Like:

  • The lack of Cat in this episode
  • Cat's pronunciation of Kara as Kiera...what's up with that?
  • The melodrama between James and Lucy.
  • The love triangles. James, Lucy, and Kara. James, Kara, and Winn. And I realize it's gonna get worse from here.

This is what I thought of the episode. What did you guys think? Sound off in the comments below!