Review: Black Sails S3E1

Review: Black Sails - "XIX"

By: Jenny Robinson

I have been watching the teasers and trailers anxiously awaiting the mayhem of Black Sails Season 3. I will admit, this episode was a bit anti-climatic for the most part. I was really hoping they would jump right into the Blackbeard storyline, yet I understand their direction in character building (despite my lack of patience). Instead it starts with only a very brief backstory and a fast glimpse of the famous Blackbeard. How awesome is it that Ray Stevenson is playing the legendary pirate? Seriously! Thumbs up!

No time is wasted though (like I said, it was a fast glimpse), we jump right into Vane and Flint’s storyline. I suppose I was just wanting the fast madness like the last few episodes of S2 or more of what the trailer teased with Blackbeard. Despite that though, it was still very well developed. I think they took this first episode to establish where we are going this season which I can’t fault that decision. They have me excited for what is next.

Flint has obviously has lost his mind. If you kill his women, then you see him loose any remnant of humanity. With that said, my favorite parts of the season premier was watching John Silver and Billy Bones’s reactions to Flint’s decisions. No matter what epic great tales of crap Flint rally’s the crew with, John and Billy remain steadfast with that look of “Are you kidding me?!”. 

It feels almost as if Flint and Vane swapped personalities, for Vane is a lot more introverted and some-what thoughtful in this episode. It has me curious on how they will broaden Charles Vane’s story. In the first two seasons he was the ultimate villain. I am not saying I am predicting him as becoming the hero but there are some layers still needing to be peeled.

Of course I can’t forget Eleanor. I am now anxiously awaiting what happens to the recent vengeance/clemency plot line established towards Vane or how she will now interact knowing Max is basically in charge of Nassau. The writers established a great deal of potential plot directions in this opening episode and there is a great deal of impressive potential.

By the credits, it appears I may get my mayhem next episode after all. Flint just turned his ship directly into the path of a “ship killer” storm.  Hold on Billy!!!