Review: Supergirl S1E11

Review: Supergirl - "Strange Visitor From Another Planet"

By: Dave Clark

Another Monday night, another new and great episode of Supergirl. From the start we're told the importance of family via Supergirl's narration while saving a family. That's the narrative throughout the episode as Cat's estranged son Adam comes to see her after he received a letter that Kara wrote for Cat, forcing Cat to spend time with Adam. The two have dinner, which ends abruptly when Adam accuses Cat of making the entire conversation about her and not making any effort to change. Kara later brokers a deal to mediate the two while they sit down for coffee together. They are able to speak honestly to each other and reveal some deep emotions while connecting. Adam decides to stay in town a bit longer and asks Kara out on a date which she accepts.

Meanwhile, an anti-alien Senator has arrived in National City in the form of Senator Miranda Crane (Tawny Cypress). She's holding a rally about the dangers of aliens when she's attacked by a White Martian, a species familiar to Hank/J'onn J'onzz. They're responsible for murdering Hank's entire race. Crane holds the DEO responsible for the attack and accuses them of staging the attack in order to protect her and make aliens look positive. Hank orders her to stay inside the DEO headquarters. We quickly learn that she is actually the White Martian, having shape shifted into the form of the Senator during the attack. When the White Martian escapes we get a good look at J'onn's past. Hank blames himself for the actions of the White Martian because it's searching for him. He's willing to die to save Alex and to destroy this alien. Supergirl and J'onn are able to track and stop the White Martian, sealing it in a cage inside the DEO. Being saved by Supergirl causes the Senator to change her stance on aliens living on Earth.

And, of course, in our final scene we get to see the Bizarro Supergirl in action for the first time! Can't wait!

What I Liked:

  • I never get tired of seeing Kara save people. The opening scene with her narration about family was fantastic.
  • The White Martian attack inside the DEO. The fight sequence and the SFX were great! Let's keep in mind that this a network television show. The stunts were great and we even got a small flashback at J'onn's past. Speaking of that...
  • The Mars flashback. Seeing the Martians on their home world and what they went through at the hands of the White Martians was a dream come true. It was sad and moving to hear J'onn talk about his history and his family.
  • Kara playing the mediator and translator for Adam and Cat. It was nice scene, with Kara being aggressively adorable in order to get the two to be honest with each other and finally connect as mother and son.
  • Supergirl and J'onn fighting the White Martian. It wasn't the best looking action sequence but it was still fun to see.
  • I love Alex and Kara eating ice cream and being sisters at the end of the episode. It's Supergirl's normal life, making her so much more human.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Cat Grant calling Kara, "Kira." Let's stop this. Please. Happy it's at least brought up in the episode.
  • Adam Foster. Cat is making a legitimate effort to connect and he pushes it back in her face. Not a fan. Also his flirting with Kara is annoying.
  • Winn and Kara keeping their distance. Kara pushes at first but finally realizes that she needs to give him space and time to deal with her rejecting his affection.