Review: The Flash S2E11

Review: The Flash - "The Reverse-Flash Returns"

By: Dave Clark

This week's episode of The Flash promised us the return of Barry's first and perhaps most ARCH of enemies, Reverse Flash. We see him witnessing The Flash trying to stop a runaway chemical truck. It's here we learn that he's just now finding out the era in which Flash is from and he's ready to head back to his time. We get some more progression with Barry and Patty as they talk a few times and Barry really doesn't come off that well in those conversations. He's hurt that she just ended things and is very cold to her for breaking up with him and leaving town. She's able to figure out, however, that he is The Flash just as she's leaving town.

Elsewhere, Cisco is probing Harry, in order to figure out how to make his powers work when he wants them to work. He wants to be able to control when he vibes. Harry uses Cisco's fear of Wells in the Reverse Flash suit to force a vibe that shows Cisco that the REAL Reverse Flash has arrived. Wells goes on to create goggles that allow Cisco to control his vibing and he witnesses Thawne killing Dr. Tina McGee from Mercury the near future! Barry is able to stop him from killing her (while phasing through a wall to get the drop on him!) and imprison him within S.T.A.R. Labs. Cisco starts getting nosebleeds and eventually a seizure that Caitlin can't seem to stop. Harry reveals that it's because of the changes in the timeline that Cisco is dying. They need to let Thawne return home, and Flash is the only way to do that. 

Also Iris visits her mother who's in the hospital as she's dying with MacGregor's Syndrome (Yep, the disease that Victor Fries' wife had in Batman and Robin.) She's able to forgive her mother for leaving her and her father but she's unable to stay in the room before breaking down in tears. She goes to plead to Wally to come see his mother together as a family. Wally rejects the idea at first...but comes around and asks Iris to come with him.

Meanwhile Caitlin is still trying to track down Earth 1's version of Jay Garrick in order to save him. Jay reveals that he had already found him but his name is Hunter Zolomon which is a huge reveal for comic book fans. He also reveals that when he became the Flash of Earth 2, his cells were changed so this version of Jay Garrick would not be able to help him.

What I Liked:

  • The return of Reverse Flash. We knew it was likely to happen, and I couldn't wait to see the man who catapulted Barry into being a hero, return to Central City.
  • Anytime Cisco and Harry are working together. Anytime they're in a scene together. I love their interactions.
  • Tom Cavanagh. I could say this every week, but he's an incredible actor and he steals the scene every time.
  • Wells made the Cisco's Vibe Goggles! I love it!
  • Patty figuring out that Barry is the Flash. I am strongly against him revealing his identity but her finding out on her own is also puts a HUGE target on her back and I fear for her safety now. I love Shantel VanSanten by the way.
  • Thawne's origin story. How he discovers everything about Barry and his era is an amazingly well done twist in the story of Barry Allen. They've essentially explained how Thawne was able to inject himself so seamlessly into Barry's life.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Barry not fighting for Patty is pathetic. Dude, come on man. He really did a great job at making Patty feel like crap for ending things with her. It wasn't cool. If you're gonna let her go because you're holding her back with your secrets, than do it. Stop toying with her and her emotions.
  • Jay Garrick. I still can't like him. He's just way too unlikable on this show and I really feel like he's hiding something bad...
  • Keeping Thawne in their uber-illegal jail. Seems like a terrible idea that would completely backfire on them all.