Review: The 100 S3E2

Review: The 100 - "Wanheda, Part 2"

By: J.D.

Plot twists, plot twists, plot twists. The 100 has always excelled in misleading viewers, and this episode was no exception. Not only was there a big twist, but there was also loads of characterization for smaller characters (Monty and Jasper) and more mysteries of the City of Light that was engaging.

After last weeks cliffhanger of Kane and Indra being trapped inside of their combat vehicle, we found out that it wasn't the Ice Queen's men trapping them. It was more Sky People who crashed in a separate area from the other crew! This led to a reunion between old friends, but most important Monty and his mother, which was tearjerking. It gave us more backstory on Monty's life before being sent to Earth, and we also found out what happened to his father as well.

The Chancellor decided to bring an injured Grounder to Mount Weather, which is apparently forbidden because it looks bad for both parties. Jasper unfortunately was dragged along, and had to cope with his girlfriend dying from last season by going to the art room at Mount Weather, which was a standout scene this episode. Octavia, which hasnt had much to do this season so far, helped comfort Jasper during his breakdown. While ive had problems with Octavia in the past, mostly because I find her very selfish, she continues to grow on me because of these empathetic interactions with the other Sky People.

Another standout moment were the City of Light scenes, which was finally revealed. While we still dont know the full nature of the City of Light, we got to actually see it in this episode. We also found out a bit more information as well. It actually is a City, but not in the traditional sense. People who die in real life can still live in the City as well. But most importantly, Jaha has a plan to bring all of the Sky People and the Grounders there. I love how The 100 is drip feeding us info about the more the series' most mysterious city. As more information is discovered, more mysteries are found, but it doesnt feel frustrating. Theres a steady stream of answers that is keeping me absolutely hooked. 

The big plot twist this week was finding out Clarke wasn't being taken to the Ice Queen like originally expected, and was actually being taken to Lexa. After he betrayal of the the Sky People last season, Clarke was understandably pissed to see her. Their relationship has always been troubled and this didn't help at all. But Lexa believes there is a war coming (with who?) and she will need Clarke to better her army. This honestly seems like a lot of trouble for someone who Lexa betrayed, so I hope there is an ulterior motive.

Thankfully, The 100 really pushed story and characterization to the forefront this episode. We got more insight on smaller characters while still making small advances in the overall plot. Im super excited to see what will happen with the City of Light, which is by far the highlight of the show right now.