Review: Black Sails S3E2

Review: Black Sails - "XX"

By: Jenny Robinson

YES! Now that is what I have been waiting for! Episode 2 gave me exactly what I wanted.

Let’s start with Flint and his crew since that was the most intense part of the episode. I am not sure but I think they were hinting that the “storm” was actually a full-on hurricane. The entire storm sequence was so intense both visually and story wise. There were moments I thought Flint was going to destroy the crew, but my boy Billy and all of the known characters amazingly make it through. We did see the one death of the mate helping John Silver though which was a very interesting scene. I originally did not like the John Silver character. Season 1 and 2 I felt he was sort of ridiculous. With only 2 episodes in so far of this third season, I am completely loving the development of that character.

Then we cut to Vane, and FINALLY we get some Blackbeard! Not only do we get a great back story of his relationship with Charles Vane, but we get to see how he politically handles himself (total man in charge).

My favorite quote of the episode was his interaction with Jack and Vane during their discussion of Nassau…

"You have taken away that one thing that made Nassau what it was. You have given her prosperity. Strife is good. Strife makes a man strong”

That quote pretty much sums up the entire show in a nut shell.

Again, I am now anxiously awaiting EVERYTHING they hinted at in the next episode. This season may have gotten off slow, but it is picking up speed fast.