Review: Black Sails S3E4

Review: Black Sails - "XXII"

By: Jenny Robinson

So Flint’s crew looks like they jump from the frying pan into the fryer constantly these days.  They finally make it to land and fresh water after weeks on the sea only to be captured.  Seriously! Enough already! They must be the most unlucky Pirates out there!

I am on repeat these days because John Silver is proving to be a surprise favorite. Last episode he was able to knock Flint off his high horse (figuratively) and this episode he is using his tongue to sway what appears to be the inevitable. The ex-slave hidden island they now occupy is hinting to have a great story about to unfold. The anticipation is tense.

Rackham (played by Toby Schmitz) is competing for my favorite this season as well. Any scene with him and Vane has proven to be entertaining. For a weaselly man, he has a way about him. I clapped when he opened the door to the pirates seeking Vane’s bounty, blew a man’s head off, then casually closed the door. 

Vane’s escape (thanks to Rackham) was a great crusade but when Teach appears with his tri-pistols and sword, I again was clapping like a lunatic. 

I always find it hard to tell people why this show is so freaking good. Each episode I watch, I am reminded. It has everything you need in an epic opera. You have politics where you can’t trust a single politician. You have characters that despite their strife, you back them in their decisions no matter how crazy. You can be surprised with the trickery. And most importantly, it is a show where you can root for the bad guy and wave that black flag. 

This episode was more set up with brief excitement but the grounds it laid promises to be a saga you can’t miss.