Review: TWD S6E9

Review: The Walking Dead - "No Way Out"

By: Jenny Robinson

My heart belongs to the Walking Dead family this Valentine’s Day. 

This was by far the most epic jaw dropping episode to date. As fans, we know going into each episode that anything can happen, and I mean ANYTHING. As an avid TWD comic reader, I always find it magnificent how they can keep us guessing while still ending up exactly where the story needs to be. This episode though, it seriously jumped right off the pages. 

First, I can be quoted in saying that I doubted if the show would go the route of Jessie and her boy as the story unfolded in the comics. I am happy to have been proven wrong. I remember reading the comic going “WTF?!?” while cringing when Rick had to chopped her arm off so she would let go. Not only did the producers and AMC go there, they held nothing back! (THANK YOU GREG NICOTERO - you gory mastermind!).

Although Carl’s missing eye happened slightly different in the comics, the twist the show ran with worked extremely well. I love that Michonne didn’t hesitate to cut “Porch Dick Jr” (thank you Hardwick for that perfect title) down when he raised his gun at her people. 

Once all of my west coast pals started watching the episode my phone blew up, proving this was such a shocking episode to start off the second half of Season 6. The show continues to leave us speechless, possibly even more now. There are moments where you just want something to go right for our guys. I will admit that I was cheering out loud when the Alexandrian’s joined in Rick’s freakout attack. It is about time they pulled the people together instead of pull them apart.

I could write a ton about all the mayhem of this episode. I could talk how it is now most likely my favorite of all time, but I can’t stop smiling how much of a tribute it was to us graphic novel fans. Bravo! Truly, this episode was amazing because of that. A true gift to us who have devoted so much time to Kirkman’s story. I thank you so very much!

The crew (Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, Carol, Sasha, Tara, Rosita, Eugene, Judith & partially Carl), live to see another day. 

…let’s just hope they still have a little sanity left to rebuild.